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Bill Cosby Calls for Strict Gun-Control

By Roy Denish

Hard on the heels of a black teenager’s death by the self-appointed security chief of a neighborhood watch in Florida, the veteran comedian “dad,” Bill Cosby, urged authorities to enforce stricter gun control in the nation.

“The guns have to be off the streets,” Cosby, blaming the death of Travyon Martin on the prevalence of guns, told the cable news network, CNN last week. The call comes at the same time that a Las Vegas entertainment company called “Machine Guns Vegas,” is embroiled in controversy because they permitted a seven-year old child to target practice with a German-built assault rifle, the HK416, the same weapon believed to have been used by U.S. special forces to assassinate the master-mind of the 9/11 attacks, Bin Laden.

Machine Guns Vegas’s granting permission to the unidentified seven year old received mixed reactions by mothers in a popular forum named Café-Mom.

The incident follows the death of an eight-year-old child who accidentally shot himself to death with an Israeli made UZI assault rifle, at a shooting range in Westfield, Massachusetts.

The Guardian Express carried an exhaustive report on these subjects last week under the banner headline “Should Children Handle Guns.”

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