Should Children Handle Guns

By Roy Denish

One child is killed every three hours, no background checks against those buying weapons in 33 states

150 Americans shot every day, 83 are killed every day.

West Field, MA October 26th 2008 10.53 am: The weather was overcast, a slight breeze swept across the open fields, a lively third-grader, son of a medical director walked past his father clutching an Israeli made micro Uzi pistolet automatique and aimes the gun at a pile of pumpkins, little knowing that he would not live another day to see the day- light.

Christopher Bizilj, the eight year old was killed due to a gun-shot injury that was caused by the weapon flipping backwards as soon as the trigger was released. The Muzzle velocity of an UZI is estimated to be 400 meter per second.

The misadventure occurred at the annual machine gun shoot and fire arms expo, organized by Westfield Sportsman Club. The organizers of the event bragged on their website “age is not limited nor licensed required” and the cost was just $ 5.00 to have “fun”

The death sparked a heated debate among politicians in the Capitol Hill. The anti-trigger happy supporters took law-makers to the task, petitions poured in, vigil services and demonstrations were held and newspapers were flooded with letters. But the pro-gun advocates came firing their cylinders to prevent the administration passing any new laws.

The obituary notice of Christopher Bizilj

Christopher Karol Bizilj, 8, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday (October 26, 2008) at Bay State Medical Center, Springfield, MA. Christopher was always upbeat, smiling, and loved life. He was always looking forward to his next adventure. His big brother was his closest and most influential friend. Christopher is survived by his loving parents, Doctor Charles and Suzanne Bizilj; his brother and best friend, Colin Bizilj. Burial will be private and at the convenience of the family. There are no calling hours. Memorial donations may be made to the Ashford School, 440 Westford Rd., Ashford, CT 06278. Donations will be used for new computer technology at the school. Christopher’s parents, Charles and Suzanne, ask that you celebrate his brilliant but short life, and the positive impact that he had on so many people.

Following the death, the club prohibited anyone under the age of eight handling a gun or a bow. But the law seems to apply only to one state. Just three weeks ago in Nevada at a popular tourist shooting range, the Machine Gun Vegas; a seven year old child was seen target-shooting armed with a German made Heckler & Koch assault rifle. The kid was being taught the finer points by none other than Jackie Carrizosa, the former United States naval officer, now an instructor at the MGV.

Caption: The “Bad Ass Chick”, Jackie Carrizosa seen here with the “prepubescent” seven year old armed with the German made assault rifle, HK416, at the Machine Gun Vegas Shooting Range in Las Vegas. Picture posted on the Face book by Michael Nixon, the father of the boy.

The controversial photograph appeared on the MGV’s Face book page. The picture shows, the tattooed beauty nick named as “bad ass chick”, by Singer Robyn Rihanna instructing the “prepubescent” boy how to handle the seven pound rifle that uses a detachable magazine. The weapon with 850 rounds per minute cycle is made by the German arms maker with the collaboration of US army’s Delta Force (DF)

“Our whole family had an awesome time – our 7 year old son had a “blast”. Great staff and kickass guns. Thanks MGV!” Michael Nixon, the father of the seven year old posted on MGV’s Face book page.

The lingering question among the anti-gun advocates is whether children under the age of 18 should be permitted into shooting ranges. According to the Statistics by a non-profit organization, the Stop Hand Gun Violence, eighty three Americans are killed every day, eight children are maimed every day or one child  is killed every three hours, more than 150 Americans shot every day and in 33 states there are no background checks against those buying guns. Food for thought: the national Rifle Association donated $ 6.7 million to congress in 2010.

The gun-wielding Carrizosa shot into the lime light after she was drafted as a weapon- trainer for Singer Rihanna  for the movie, the Battleship, the movie to be released in may this year.  Her lady luck smiled on her when the Director Peter Berg spotted her playing football with the US Navy.

However, the six million dollar question is whether States would ban under-age children handling guns or visiting shooting ranges especially when gun-related killings and injuries are mounting high.

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One Response to "Should Children Handle Guns"

  1. Gregory Hughes   April 14, 2012 at 2:45 am

    Somethings that the author “forgot” to mention in this “article”:
    1)The non profit organization Stop Handgun Violence is a leading proponent for stopping our 2nd Amendment rights just as much as the NRA is for keeping 2nd Amendment rights.
    2) “eighty three Americans are killed every day”: Fact, as of 2011 almanac the number 15 ranked death in the US was homicide which is .76% of the population (2007
    3)”eight children are maimed every day or one child is killed every three hours”: Fact, a nother 2007 study shows that child mortality rates for firearm related deaths ranked 6th behind suffication/strangulation, poison, fire/burn,drowning, and motor vehicles. (Selected Causes of Death, Ages 0-19, per 100,000 Population (2007)) (
    4) “and in 33 states there are no background checks against those buying guns”: fact, Criminals easily bypass background checks. A Justice Department survey of felons showed that 93% of handgun predators had obtained their most recent guns “off-the-record.”(Department of Justice, “Survey of Incarcerated Felons,” p. 36.)
    5) “Food for thought: the national Rifle Association donated $ 6.7 million to congress in 2010.”: Fact, our second amendment rights are being attaced everyday. Groups like the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and Jews for the Preservation of Guns (just to name a few) have a bigger membership base that The Brady Campaign and Stop Handgun Violence. Why? Because the second amendment is not a privledge, it is a RIGHT. The US Supreme court has found for gun owners time and again. In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. In McDonald v. Chicago (2010), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment limits state and local governments to the same extent that it limits the federal government.
    We will never surrender our gun rights just because a few criminals and irresponsible parents aren’t will to TEACH our young the proper use and handling of firearms.


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