Bath Salts, Spice, K-2 and synthetic marijuana inspired zombie apocalypse

By Tadashi

Bath salts have been banned in the suburb of Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. Its sister “designer drug” Spice has been banned in Henderson but not in Las Vegas. There is a conspiracy rumor on the streets here that the liquor lobby is spreading exaggerated stories about “designer” drugs, one by one (to keep liquor sales booming).

Historically, in Las Vegas, it is rumored that during the “love” in the 60s, a group of designer “Big Pharma” chemists cooked up an interesting organic brew: It was a very effective painkiller, but it had a slight hallucinatory effect. The chemist clipped off the tops of a few “happy” organic rings and, like magic, Oxycontin was invented. Now flash forward 40 years, and the same chemists have now retired here in Las Vegas. The chemists now have clipped off the “bottoms” of the addictive painkiller rings and left the “happy” rings in place and Spice, K-2 and Bath Salts were invented. These chemists can also stay one step ahead of the law because it is so easy to just clip off one more ring. There is now a strong movement to get the FDA to study the earlier, milder versions of Spice and to legalize it because it is pure and predictable. The use of Spice, in easy moderation, greatly reduces the consumption of alcohol.  Alcohol-related deaths averaged 30,000 per year in America. Have you ever seen someone high on Spice driving 90 miles an hour on the opposite side of the expressway and killing an innocent family of six? The question should seem rhetorical, and the movement to study and legalize Spice should continue to grow strong.

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