Mermaid body discovered, zombie apocalypse and radioactive tuna reveal Mayan doomsday warnings

Are We Approaching The End Of The World

By DiMarkco Chandler

Doomsday talk seems to be everywhere these days. With news travel clocking records speeds, there is very little news affecting people that the world does not have access to. And that has given rise to all sorts of doomsday speculation.

Let me see if I can sum some of it up for you. Last week, a story aired on Animal Planet about the discovery made that pointed to the existence of mermaids, and it shocked families all over the U.S. until a poor video recording of the so-called actual mermaid was featured at the end of the program. Up until that point, I’m sure people were glued to their television sets. Stories like that prompt bible believers to check their clocks to see how close we are to December 21, 2012, a date that the Mayans have predicted is the end of the world. Then we hear the story about radioactive fish, and we learn that Scientist have, for the first time, found radioactive material in tuna fish. This news was followed by a Miami, Florida incident where a face-eating male Homo Sapien was shot to death by a police officer after this Zombie Apocalypse, as he was called by the media, refused the officer’s order to stop eating the man’s face. And oops, I almost forgot to mention that the backdrop for all of this started with the anticipated viewing of the 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse.

So what do you think? Mayans doomsday warnings? Let’s put this list in a more interesting order: Mermaids, Solar Eclipse resembling a ring of fire, Zombie apocalypse eating another’s flesh, the Mayan calendar, radioactive tuna; um, I don’t know about you, but it does seem awfully fishy.

4 Responses to "Mermaid body discovered, zombie apocalypse and radioactive tuna reveal Mayan doomsday warnings"

  1. April Reid   July 4, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    also…sense the sarcasm?

  2. April Reid   July 4, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    a zombie apocalypse is not a person…it’s a horde of zombies that will arrive on December 21, 2012…sailors thought manatees were mermaids…wonder if they are still grinding up Flipper in my Star Kist tuna cans? I barely pay attention to when the lights are on or off in my house…much less when the lights are on or off outside…solar eclipse…meh

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