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Britney Spears Chosen to Replace X Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger

By DiMarkco Chandler

X Factor producer Simon Cowell has chosen Britney Spears to replace the boring Nicole Scherzinger for the upcoming X Factor USA season. Though everyone knew Spears was at the top of the producers’ wishlist, a decision hadn’t been made until May 15, 2012. Many believed that Mariah Carey would make the team since she can out-sing Britney using a straw. John Legend would perhaps agree. He’s been reported as having said that even “though Spears has sold over 100 million albums, she is not a singer.”

Katie Hind, Showbiz Editor of The People, is much more cynical about Cowell’s choice. Hind belives that Cowell’s choice in Britney was not simply because of her luxurious, lavish life style, which contestants hope and dream for, nor did he chose her because she has spent most of her life in the music industry. Hind points out that Simon is primarily interested in the drama factor that has followed Spears throughout her career. “She’s universally known as a car crash” Hind stated in a article she authored in UK’s online Mirror.

Now that all the speculation is over, Spears will join Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Demi Lavato at the judging table and receive a reported 15 million dollars. I can only imagine how much trouble 15 million will buy her.