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Indonesian Government Cancels Lady Gaga Concert

Islamic GaGa Monsters Want To Party

By DiMarkco Chandler

 Big Daddy Productions is holding on to hope that the Indonesian Government will allow them to present Lady Gaga in concert. However, it appears doubtful the major event will take place as scheduled. Islamic hardliners and conservative lawmakershave refused to issue a permit for her performance.

Media sources from around the world including Billboard are reporting that local police recommended that the permit for the show be denied and that the national police have decided to comply.

The controversial move by authorities to ban the Gaga concert has put promoters in an awkward position. With the 52,000 seat arena sold out and an additional 2,000 tickets scheduled to go on sale, concert promoters will be hard pressed to refund ticket holders. Up until today, there was still hope that the Lady Gaga Concert would be permitted. In fact, Big Daddy Productions even tweeted followers, telling them that he was fighting to get the concerted permitted. However, Islamic Extremist, Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) threatened to disrupt and create chaos by mobilizing 30,000 people to block the Gaga Concert. With the potential of real violence, Indonesia appeared to have no choice but to cancel the scheduled event.