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Las Vegas 51’s to Host Project 150 Night on May 24th

By Jerry Garner, Scores.fm

The average sports fan in Las Vegas doesn’t need a reason to take in a 51’s baseball game at Cashman Field, but next Thursday, they will have several. Thursdays are traditionally known as Budweiser dollar beer night for 51’s fans, and next Thursday also serves as the final match in a four-game series against the Nashville Sounds. However, the most important reason to watch the game on the 24th is that attendance will benefit Project 150, a local grass-roots, non-profit organization that helps homeless teenagers complete their high school education.

Watching a Las Vegas 51’s game is as good as it gets with Las Vegas baseball fans. Since 1983, the team has brought world class sports entertainment to more than 300,000 fans in Clark County. As the local AAA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, the 51’s have successfully brought big league action to the city at minor league prices, and with an average attendance of nearly 4,500 fans, there is no doubt that Las Vegans support the home team.

Starting on Monday, May 21, and running through Thursday, May 24, the 51’s will host a four-game series against the Nashville Sounds. The Sounds serve as the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers team in the majors. The series culminates on a Thursday night, which typically enjoys high attendance due to the fact that Budweiser sponsors $1 beers each Thursday.

On this particular week, attendance is expected to receive an additional boost in attendance due to the fact that the 51’s will be supporting Project 150. Acting on behalf of local teenagers with nowhere else to turn, Project 150 works with many of the 5,000 homeless teenagers residing in Las Vegas to provide them with a stable living environment and the means to complete their high school education.

Graduating high school is difficult enough even for those who have a stable home environment. Imagine living on the streets, not knowing where your next meal is coming from, and still attempting to obtain an education for yourself. This is a reality that is all too familiar for many teenagers living in Las Vegas, and Project 150 serves as a platform for many of these teens to transition away from the streets and to build a productive future for themselves.

Partnering with the 51’s allows Project 150 to raise funds for their cause while also providing Las Vegas sports fans what they love; world class baseball action. As an added bonus, any ticket purchased through the Events page of the Project 150 website (www.project150lv.org) will come with a voucher for a free baseball cap. Anyone who has purchased sports apparel recently can tell you that the hat alone is worth the price of admission, but the fact that you will be helping a local non-profit assist others is icing on the cake.

Taking advantage of the free hat voucher and helping Project 150 couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the Project 150 website at www.project150lv.org, then click the Events link in the navigation menu and go to the 51’s event page. Tickets can be purchased for just $10 per person, and each ticket comes with a voucher for the free hat as well as raising funds for a local charity that focuses its efforts on helping homeless teens build a better future for themselves.