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Donald Trump birther theory attacked by Wolf Blitzer

Millionaire questions Obama's Birth Certificate

 Birther believes Obama’s certificate is fake

By Dock Walls, @dockwalls

Once again, Millionaire Donald Trump questioned whether Barack was actually born in the United States of America. The Constitution mandates that only natural-born citizens are eligible to serve as U.S. President. During Obama’s 2008 Campaign to capture the White House, people who opposed him insisted he was born somewhere other than on American soil. Those persons have since been termed “birthers.”

Today, CNN Reporter Wolf Blitzer argued with Donald Trump saying, “I don’t understand why you’re doubling down on this birther issue, after the State of Hawaii formally say’s this is the legitimate Birth Certificate. He was born in Hawaii. Why are you going through all of this, Donald?” According to Blitzer, in 1961 a Honolulu newspaper contained an announcement within days of Obama’s birth. Trump stood his ground and said, “Many people do not think that it was authentic. His mother was not in the hospital and there are many other things that came out.”

As Trump continued to question the Birth record, Blitzer asked,  “How can continue to say that?” Insinuating the birth announcement was fake, Trump responded, “Many people did that…” Neither man would allow the other to speak uninterrupted. Obviously frustrated, Blitzer said, “Donald, I have to say, you’re beginning to sound a little ridiculous. I have to tell you.” Trump responded in kind, telling Wolf, “You sound ridiculous.”

This contentious birther discussion stole Mitt Romney’s thunder as he seeks to define his message to American voters. Romney was in Las Vegas, hoping to promote his theme that Obama is anti business and anti-US.