Facebook IPO Could Make U2 Bono Billionaire Top McCartney

Billionaire Bono’s Worth Could Top Paul McCartney

By Christina Hutchinson

It may be from being rich,to even richer for Bono,the front man for the rock band U2. The 51 year old Rock Star has become one of the richest musicians on the planet,and may surpass former Beatle,Paul McCartney. In 2009 it was reported that Bono’s equity firm “Evalation Partner’s” bought 2.3% of Facebook for $90 million. Facebook is valued at over $100 billion, leaving Bono to pocket a whopping 1.5 billion!

Bono writes most of the lyrics for U2,whose first hit in 1985,was the single “With Or Without You” In 1986,U2 won album of the year,and took home five Grammys.

Tmz later confronted Bono on this topic as he was getting out of a vehicle, Bono calmly replied “I don’t think that’s true” , and walked away. No one will really know what the truth even though Facebook went public last Friday May 25,2012 we will still have to dig through investor records and see what number the stock settles with; until then,one can only speculate.

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  1. Roger clemens   June 19, 2012 at 2:30 am

    I would guess he is in th 1%. This smacks of economic inequality. Lets “occupy” his front lawn!


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