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Leonardo Dicaprio is The Great Gatsby a timeless love story

Movie Review: Gatsby is a movie you must see

By DiMarkco Chandler

The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire is one movie you won’t want to miss because it is rich in ideal-isms and everlasting passionate love. The plot itself is timeless and yet in our modern times few might be fortunate enough to embark upon such a romantic journey.

The journey is about a man that grows up poor that gets a taste of the kind of love most only imagine. Gatsby (played by Dicaprio) falls in love with Daisy, the daughter of wealthy socialites that possessed old money and lived in the ultra wealthy side of town. Being poor, he had to pretend he came from wealth to even have a chance to win Daisy’s heart. It was not long before war called him into the service of his country, yet Daisy promised to wait for his return. As time went by and war went on, the impatient Daisy married another.

Upon Gatsby’s return, he worked tirelessly to obtain the kind of wealth that would somehow win him back the woman he ached to be with. Once he reached the height of new money wealth he began his search for the elusive love he had once enjoyed. He purchases a large Mansion that overlooked her home across town and host parties week after week, month after month hoping she would perchance attend one. Realizing his plan might fail, he seeks out Nick, Daisy’s friend, to bring the two together.

Upon reuniting with Daisy and finally grasping what seemed forever lost, tragedy strikes when Gatsby kills Daisy’s husband’s mistress, Myrtle, in a hit and run accident. Myrtle had a husband that decides he has to know what happened to his wife. When he learns that Gatsby was driving the hit and run vehicle, he gets a gun and shoots both Gatsby and himself.

Believe me folks, if the movie keeps to the plot, you won’t want to miss this one.