Phillip Phillips wins American Idol 2012 over Jessica Sanchez

Fantasia and Joshua Ledet tore up the stage, but tonight was all about Phillip Phillips

By DiMarkco Chandler and Dock Walls

Well, it’s official, the fans have chosen Phillip Phillips over Jessica Sanchez. Now that the proverbial fat lady has sung, like the decision or not, you might as well get used to it. It’s irreversible: Phillip Phillips is this year’s American Idol winner.

Now, don’t cry for Jessica Sanchez for, by all indications, she will be in the spotlight for years to come. It’s not bad to be the American Idol runner up, and here is why.

1. Jessica is only sixteen years old and, although she has performed on “Showtime at the Apollo” and was seen on the first season of “America’s Got Talent”, her performance and vocal skills will continue to develop. Eventually, she will have a superfluous, extraordinary voice, presence, good looks and musicianship.

2. She’s attractive and some day she may even be a bombshell;

3. If you closely listen to what the judges are actually saying about these two finalist, it’s obvious they have high regard for Sanchez;

4.  Last, but not at all least, while Sanchez might one day be a Great vocalist (right now she is very good), at times she seems to show her age by over singing. Perhaps that is because she challenges herself over a broad range of songs;

Conversely, the judges have made it clear that Phillip Phillips has a brand of commercial appeal that is ready for the big stage. But don’t take my word for it. Here is a summary of what they have said about Phillips: “Dude I love that song, I love the production, Everything about that was perfect;” “That was a Phillip song and there is nothing on the radio like that;” “By virtue of your vulnerability and style you have made the world your home.”

Interestingly enough, Phillips is the only American Idol contestant who has never been up for elimination. He was the first to make it through the entire series with that distinction. I repeat, the first!

Say what you want, dream what you will, tonight belonged to Phillip Phillips.

Long live the American Idol winner 2012.

94 thoughts on “Phillip Phillips wins American Idol 2012 over Jessica Sanchez

  1. I really loved Phill. I looked at him to be a guy as ( I AM WHO I AM ) I really love people like that. He has a great voice too. COUNTRY BOYS CAN SERVIVE. I don’t know if he is a country boy But / I love him as a person . HE IS A VERY ( SO COOL GUY ) in my book. Jessica is very fantastic to. She will make it. It was a very close Ty. She is GREAT. I wish both a Great Life & Keep doing what God gave you. Good luck to both.

  2. I believe David Cook nor runner-up David Archuleta were ever in the bottom 3. That season, however, it would have been just as easy to accept DA as the winner because of all the moments they had throughout the show. Sad to say, for most seasons, more often than not the ones who didn’t win prove to be more successful than the winners. All the best to Jessica and Phillip.

  3. Oh, my…. To those of you who are basically illiterate, your points of view come across as uneducated as your attempts to express them in print…… and its very irritating, especially with spell-check available. Too bad there isn’t a “brain-check” for dummies…. What’s not surprising is that most of the “dummies” on this blog were Jessica fans….. how appropriate.

    1. I had a “typo” myself, but at least I’m smart enough to be aware of my error. Please change “its” to it’s….

  4. Jessica is the True WINNER!!! the real STAR!!! than’x AMERICA for turning down JESSICA she’s even more Famous and Hollywood Star of the messed & Drama of AI. Your a new STAR of the WORLD!!! i can’t wait to buy her 1st recording CD.

  5. Jessica is the true WINNER!!!! the True American STAR!!! can’t wait to buy her 1st recording CD than’x America for letting down Jessica Now ~ she’s even more Famous because of the messed and Drama of AI good thing… and CONGRATULATIONS the New American IDOL “JESSICA SANCHEZ” the New STAR of the World!!!

  6. Jessica has a great voice, but her performance skills are lacking…she’ll hopefully grow as a performer. The reason people were drawn to Phillip was because he has a good voice, and he’s a great performer. He drew people in with his originality and quirkiness. Jessica basically sang note for note copies of the original songs which is strictly a reflection of her age…she doesn’t yet know how to turn a song into her own creation. Wish them both the best.

    1. One of my favorite sayings is “Sometimes when you lose….you win!…..

      Keep in mind that although the folks at American Idol would tell you that the show is a talent contest it is anything but that! It is for all intensive purposes a Popularity contest! Jessica was obvioulsy not the most poular as if not for the save she wouldnt have made it to the finals…with that said, I think she is extreemly talented and will have a great career.

      Remember.. Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, & Clay Akins lost the title of American Idol and have had much more success than several other Idol winners! Congrats to Phillip he is by far the stand-out artist of this years group!

  7. Jessica is the real winner, and everybody knows that. When she sang I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU..the whole world starts talking about her. WHY? becasue she sang it good…and that made people believe in her….she impressed the whole world,,,not onl with that song but a lot of songs she did in AI.

    American Idol for me is not good anymore,,,,,and I do not want to watch it anymore…the judges are sick and the people are sick especially those who voted for Philipps

  8. It is really disgusting to hear the result of the American Idol 2012. Jessica not winning the American Idol 2012 created in me a deep hate with that Jlopez who did not favor Jessica in her song The Prayer. Look, Jessica sings far better than JLo and Jlo to be honest doesnt know how to sing. She is is really stupid and it is nice if they kick her out of the American Idol because she is no deserving and she makes comments that are not really beneficial to the contestants, Take the crazy latina out of AI becuase she is a bitch.

    1. Worse than that Steven Tyler cannot sing the real singer was raymond tabano from the caruso family betrayed by his best friend Steven Tyler. Tyler a judge, he is so screwed up. But still wants his Jennifer. HA HA. And he still cannot get it.

  9. I belive you but if its not true your a liar but I want philip to win beacause girls have won more so that isn’t fair

  10. Guardian Stupid Bias Authors! Why Delete my other comment??? Be man enough!You started this by expressing ur view and now that im expressing mine on you u deleted it??? Seems like a bias judgement again. Ill see u dimarkco and walls. Lets see whose gonna Cry then! Just have a little walk going home k? Will know hu’s gonna Cry baby then!

    1. LOL…if I am one of those two(Dimarkco or Walls)..I grow a pair of eyes in my back of my head! Dude…are you for real? Those guys must be shittin’ in them pants right now. LOL

  11. N. Hernandez and keany, i think there was a misinterpretation happend between you.. I do think keany reacted only on that “go home” lines. Which caught my attention too upon reading. So Peace on you Both o.k? Was just a simple misunderstanding. I read u both. Peace o.k?? Thx

  12. Guardian news dont hide ur people DiMarkco and Walls, bias bastards! Mexicans and Filipinos are waiting outside. Try walking outside. See u moronssss

  13. I love jessica, but i dont want to hate phillip…
    I think, ninakaw yung title kay jessica
    she deserves the title.. but what can we do now? si phillip na yung nanalo… wala na tayo’ng magagawa.. right? Phillip is already 21 yrs. old while jessica is 16. Jessica has a bright future and have a long way to go and she can mold her talent as time goes by. You know, even though jessica end up being in the 2nd place she have a great future waiting. hindi naman lahat na nanalo sa American Idol became popular, you know, some end up “Laos”/not popular. Jessica got the great talent while phillip only got fortune/luck.

  14. Keany, are you an American? do you live in America? isn’t it that America is a Free Country, where people has the freedom of speech/expression. So, why are you that angry on Filipinos expressing their true feelings? Besides, it’s not the entire Filipinos you are trying to answer back here, just single out… name who you would like to get back to, don’t generalize! You think , by saying what you’ve said is a trait of being a Civilized person? Think it over Keany and be cool!

    1. Yeah..I am proud to be American. I was born and raised here. I hail from Rochester, NY. In fact I am enlisted personnel in the USMC!. Yeah..yeah you are right…this AI thing..really stirs up emotions..I single out this guy…because he seems to single out me. I over-reacted…sorry. No no no not racists here. Seeing posting somebody here saying “go home” or something like that really blows my fuse off. I know Filipinos here and I know most of them are coolest people I ever got to know…this is the first time I encounter one…who really speaks low..very low..and not thinking what they are posting. Proud to be American…100% pure beef here. Hey I know a Hernandez…in my troop. Jacob Hernandez…from New Mexico..know em? He is one of the best guy in my crew. He mentioned something like he is a distant Filipino…you folks down there..should enjoy with what you have right now. And Jessica Sanchez in one of em…lol.

    2. Yeah..I am proud to be American. I was born and raised here. I hail from Rochester, NY. Yeah..yeah you are right…this AI thing..really stirs up emotions..I single out this guy…because he seems to single out me. I over-reacted…sorry. No no no not racists here. Seeing posting somebody here saying “go home” or something like that really blows my fuse off. I know Filipinos here and I know most of them are coolest people I ever got to know…this is the first time I encounter one…who really speaks low..very low..and not thinking what they are posting. Proud to be American…100% pure beef here…you folks down there..should enjoy with what you have right now. And Jessica Sanchez is one of em…lol.

  15. Di markco chandler was the author of this? What do you mean shes only sixteen??? So u mean u have to be over sixteen to won the ai? The hell mentality is that??? And beside u seems to be bias. I really bet ur a GAY. GayLORD Focker–> DIMARKCO CHANDLER dick!!!

  16. Phillip is an american, and jesica is only an idol.. so u should know by that who will won in the contest..

  17. Competition like American Idol, such as we all have just watched and eagerly waited through naturally engenders feelings of animosity, hatred, and anger. It is our duty to divest ourselves of all such feelings; and as far as it is in our power to do so, to cultivate friendly feelings towards those with whom we have so long disliked, and heretofore so widely, but honestly, differed. Neighborhood feuds, personal animosities, and private differences should be blotted out; and, at by day’s end, a manly, straightforward course of conduct will secure the respect of your enemies of opinion. Whatever your responsibilities may be to country, to society, or to individuals meet them like men. The truth is already out of the bag…Phillip Phillips won…J. Sanchez did not made it..but it is already a milestone for her to get second best. The painful truth is….second place in the first loser!!!! LOL

  18. Philips performances not likeable as it is..Jessica is the best.. She is everyone.. She is 16 yet sounds professional and more than professional. Believe me this Girl Has the biggest bet in the music industry than Philip.

  19. Finally the pride is back to the real American people. Let me tell you all a little secret…there reptiles who controls the media industry. That humanoid J. Sanchez has been used up by the reptiles to boost the ratings of American Idol. She is supposed to be booted up a long time ago…if it wasn’t for that stupid save. The real score…Reptiles 1…White Pride 1…humanoids 000…hah hah hah

    1. Hmmmm..If Joshua ledet and Philip Philips….I think who would win this fight…It will be Joshua Ledet a true Talent!…I mean I love all the black singers…They are PHENOMENAL!!! I love Jessica Sanchez as well..she sounds like them:-)….A beautiful and Angelic voice! Thank God for having this people in our daily lives…without them I do not know how the worlds makes it!!!

  20. Actually if you are basing it on the finale performance, you are wrong. I remember back in the David Archuleta and David Cook days, Archuleta won by a landslide according to the three judges in the finale. Still David Cook won…you just got lucky with your guess this time. Phillip won because of WGWG (white guy with guitar).

  21. For me, both of them are winners because they always do their very best to win the competition therefore, they are the winners God Bless you all!!!

  22. Better Go Home to your mothercountry,you don’t belong there..Inuuto ka lang ng American Idol,ang daming tao ang nagpapauto dya,sinasayang nyo lang ang oras ninyo,eh kung nagdadasal ba kayo,instead na nakaupo sa harap ng tv,just watching that junk show…

    1. What the “F”s wrong with you? Now you make me thinking….are Filipino’s that civilized?. Making such negative comments speaks about your character and the race you represent. You’re making people here think low of you people. Now I am racist’s huh? FU!

    2. pemski…you are an inbred monkey who thinks highly of yourself under the guise of religiousity. You and your kind should think twice before saying anything.

  23. It’s official Philip Philips won AI Season 11…congrats. Runner up J. Sanchez…congrats. Let us pray for Philip Philips who is rumored to go under the blade due to kidney probs. Honestly J. Sanchez has brighter singing career…she is young, got the talent..more experiences ahead for her..and the market based is very broad for her. US, Latin America, Asia…definitely J. Sanchez…not bad for a 16 year old to go runner up. Mazel tov..Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips.

  24. Hey people…whoever wins wins…this ain’t about color, race or creed. This is America the land of opportunity..everyone who works hard got to have a shot to go BIG TIME. If you are one of those “zombies” who got hyped by all this media BS frenzy…and you believed all the BS comments..then I am sorry for you. You are planting the seeds of hatred whom I think is making America depart from it’s greatness. Whoever the winner don’t matter…may the best of the best wins.

  25. of course its Philipps will win the american idols…just by the title alone ” american idol” of course, jessica sanches is not yet an american….thus, Philipps will won….RACIST….

  26. Just saw American Idol here in the Philippines. Philip just won. They are both good singers, totally different performers, but competitions always has to boil down to one winner. Grats to Philips

  27. DiMarkco Chandler? are you the author of this blog? Jessica Sanchez won the American Idol 2012, This blog of yours is best removed. Philip Phillips is just another cute guy with a guitar (ala Lee dewyze and that guy who beat Adam Lambert what’s his name again? oh yeah Kris something), like Dewyze and kris allen, Phillips future album sales will have nothing but feeble numbers. While Jessica Sanchez will definitely be, well, possibly the next Jennifer Hudson or beyonce – Platinum selling, grammy and Academy Award winning artist with a soaring singing range. I am glad America voted wisely. because after Season 4, i started to lose interest in american idol. But all changed since Jessica sanchez stepped on stage. Dear Jessica, You are filipino mexican but your race doesnt mean a thing. EVER. We all love you Jessica. Love, family of white people in north america.

  28. Its going to be jessica coz her voice can sing any kind of song..Go Jessica!!!

  29. Jessica Sanchez will win the American Idol tonight.I said that the third round was unfair for Jessica. She has no choice of the song and no back up production like marching band. I think American Idol is unfair. Philip was given the best production and back up. I think you like PP because he is a good looking guy. He is another Lee Dywyze or former AI winner (male) that does not sell millions of records. So far only girl winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood make big in the music industry. The crowd screamed for PP in the nokia theatre but are you not thinking for those people watching the tv around the world? The world screamed and jump for Jessica Sanchez. She is a world idol.
    Why can not you believe that a 16 years old can sing? Are you out of this world? Does age matters? You are a like a person who does not know that there are people or even kids that are geniuses? Please read school records that there are some students who graduate with degrees at a very young age. It is the same as people who are so young have already inate talents. Jessica Sanchez will win and it is not fixed and the whole world knows it.

  30. Based on geographic breakdown, as well as 4 polls conducted by two different websites, I can not see how phillips has any bit of a chance against sanchez.

    In my point of view, she is a woman, and I personally believe it is time a woman finally won idol.
    She also is a minority, and when you have the average white guy to a minority woman (not being racist), any odds are in favor of her.

    Demographically breaking it down, urban areas are about 1/2 the final vote, and it is going to include a lot of minority voters.

    1. I disagree with you. Kelly Clarkson and Underwood both female white won then both Fantasia and Reuben both blacks won, Cook, Allen, Archuleta all whites won. But the bad thing with American Idol champions, after 1 year or 2 people tend to forget you and AI is the only one who makes money and the judges. Cook, Allen and Archuleta all went to the Philippines the last 2 or 3 years to have concert there. Archuleta even made a tv special last year. I dont want to guess who wins tonight, I believe that God already knows who won and whoever that person be, God bless him or her.

  31. Everyone know that Jessica Sanchez is the better singer. Some Phillip Phillip fans maybe on denial and not accept this fact. Everyone was so used including the judges to see Jessica sing amazing songs and of course her great vocals. Now, everyone’s expectations of her is really high that when she sings just “a great song” does not impressed anyone anymore Everyone was waiting for that amazing song and waiting for her to miss a note but she never did. Now, it’s the other way around with Phillip Phillips, he’s missed a few notes here and there and no one noticed them because of his so called “originality”. When he sings a great song everybody including the judges gives him a standing ovation. And, that’s because their expectations with him is much lower than Jessica.

    Now will Phillip Phillips win the American Idol? Possibly, because he has the looks, but you all know including Phillips that Jessica deserves it more and even though she may not win, she will still become more popular than Phillip. Same scenario happened with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

  32. Now that the best singer is gone(Joshua) it should go to Jessica without doubt. But this is America, and sad but true it will come down to another WMWG. The old girl/old boy AA program is alive and well for now.

  33. Jessica wins. After the veiled attempt to promote PPs last song they made the mistake of having Scotty sing. The comparison cannot be helped, and immediately you recognize that PP does not have the voice. The other thing it reminds us is that age, remember how young Scotty was when he won, is not a factor.
    Look, if it was a competition based on looks then the PP fans have a chance. This is a singing competition and we all know which of the two can sing.

  34. If Jessica Sanchez LOSE she will bank more $$$, Producers are waiting for her already and they are so vocal about it….Tommy Motolla of SONY want’s her really bad. If phillipis win or lose it does not matter, remember his likes in AI who WON…watch for the next segment of “WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” Jessica has the likes of the next DIVA…..”A sweet DIVA”…all writers and columnist call her a DIVA in TRAINING already, so for me and for the world who is going to contribute for her success, PHILIP PHILLIPS you can have the title swallow it in full all yours…while Jessica is accepting her GRAMMY we will watch you in “E”
    channel congratulating her!

    1. awesome!

      True….5 years from now phillip phillips will be on a game show with todd bridges and cast members from jersey shore!


  35. Dont be mystified Julis…you are looking into this tooooo deep. We are not judging the show based on maturity, future education, and not on the opinion of she is ready for a career in music this early. Yes we know this show leads to a record deal, however, this show is just to be judged on what it is….a competition…and thats all.

    And I believe she is the better competitor.

  36. It mystifies me when I hear that a 16 year-old talent can be crowned American Idol. I want to see Jessica finish a degree and mature enough to face the entertainment world. Here is something I have learned through the years: “Opinions are not facts.”

    PP is an artist and that is a fact. Jessica is ready to change her very young life through “show business” is a very lame opinion.

    I wish the judges could just be real! Their “opinions’ can shape one’s observations if they are not careful. Call it “inductive” judging or voting, I wish to see people view talent by observation,sound reasoning, and putting their biased “opinions” aside.

    Let us wish both of them the best and see who indeed will be American Idol 2012. Fact: PP and JS are already winners.

  37. Phil ROCKS !! He’s the best talent on the show in many years.
    Fantastic !!!!!

    1. wow…thats a ballzy statement saying he is the best talent on that show in a long time….i will give it to ya and say yes he is very talented, however, jessica in my opinion is a very strong vocal presence that is undoubtably going to be compared to whitney houston (of course with more training and experience) in many years to come….but, this country is not ready for an asian sensation…they should be, but there is to many middle/ southern americans who are just fixated on the repetitive young semi talented white guy with the t shirt and jeans who slaps a guitar.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with a guy slapping a guitar comment! Been there done that for how many seasons now? I am not a huge AI fan, but I was in a chow hall here in Afghanistan when I heard this 16yr old girl sing for the first time and thought “wow, is she really only 16?” I was amazed by her vocal maturity and started following the show just to see the little girl sing! I thought the rest of contestants were no different than what I heard in the shows past (when I actually watched a few episodes)!

  38. Gelo America knows that Joshua was too strong for Philip and Jessica and that’s why they get rid of him. That’s what America does. Go figure.
    They have to prove me wrong tonight.

  39. Hey Tommy I agreed with you 100% but Iv’e been watching American Idol from the start until now and see how America can vote. If you’re not pure American born you have no chance of winning even if you have talent.

    Tonight America have to prove me wrong.

  40. Jessica will win plus phillip isn’t the best looking. He could have dressed alittle nicer for te show. Tshirts just don’t do the trick. Also he has been up for elimination. He was in the bottom 2 when it was between him and holly.

    1. You are WRONG, Mel. Phillips was only standing next to Holly when there was 1 chair left to fill for the bottom 3….I watched every episode & being a P.P. fan from his 1st audition to his WIN (which I predicted to family & friends from the beginning), I know positively that he was never in the bottom 2 as you’re trying to claim. Know your facts before you spew out incorrect one’s on the Internet!

      And to all you other non-Phillips fans, you obviously don’t have a clue as to the extent of P.P.’s real musical talents or artistry. To rewrite a song takes great musical know-how, to put it simply. Not to mention he’s an excellent guitarist. His style of singing is UNIQUE, not a copy of someone else’s talent or mannerisms. To accomplish being a unique songwriter, a true musician, and a captivating vocalist, FAR exceeds the copied, over-sung, over-vibrato, vocals of a provocatively dressed 16-year-old! She dressed like a hooker for most of the season. America prefers more wholesome talent to represent America as an Idol, not a scantily dressed 16 year old !

  41. All the voters for Philip Philips, I agreed that he will win. He’s very unique and can turn songs around differently. Jessica yes she has pipes but they all sound the same.

  42. look at this point of view as well…..when joshua was eliminated, all his voters(mostly) who continued to watch and vote most likely redirected their votes in Jessica’s direction. This is because josh had a lot of the black vote and fans that were geared towards that type of vocal power like talent……enough is enough with the lame white guy with the guitar nonsense already.
    just as an fyi…im white & im all about voting for truly who is the best!

    1. Tommy, thank U for sharing, looking beyond ethic and race. Truly, it’s should Not be any of those things but one who has the whole package–talent, skill, professional in what they do. Philip is good BUT Jessica is ‘GREAT’!!!

      I believe Philip will becomes like Kris Allen. Few songs, etc here and there. Jessica has succeeded AND will master her craft. You can bet on that!!!

  43. I want Phillip to win but if you Google Zabasearch American Idol Jessica is going to win. They haven’t been wrong yet. At least as long as I have been watching…

    1. Zabasearch American Idol is a social media site. It doesn’t monitor calls, just facebook and twitter. They were wrong on the TOP 5 as Skylar’s numbers were higher than Hollie and Phillip’s. Didn’t look any further than that.

    2. Zabasearch has only been right the last two times. It’s not to difficult at that point. They were way off on their other picks. I wouldn’t put much stock into that site. They had Hollie going out 5 of 6 weeks before she finally left. They had Phillip going home week 5. I like Phillip to win it, but I don’t have a website so don’t take my work for it. 🙂

  44. I believe Jessica is a very talented girl, and have no doubt that she has a great career in front of her. She is, in my opinion, too young and inexperienced… However; P.Philips, is unique, and extremely talented, thus, as everyone know’s have won the female voter’s over. His great looks, and ability to sing is why I feel he should be the Idol for 2012. I am in favor of winning along with everyone so far that I have talked too. Hopefully, he will win this, not because of luck, but because he DESERVES to win…


  46. Win or loose, we are very proud of you Jessica. Remember that Prayers can move mountain.

  47. first time ever dialidol not in the green ! for the top 2 ! I have a feeling you are wrong ! lets see what your headlines reads tonight ! win jess wins !!!!

      1. Phillip will be for white America; Jessica will be for the world… so yeah, if she loses, the title American Idol never really fit her to start with. She’s better than that, and boy will she be really successful!

  48. I really think phillip ( double p) will take home the american idol.. Hes like scotty

  49. We can never tell. Remember, everybody thought Joshua will be in the top 2 and Jessica will be eliminated. But what happened was the other way around..

    1. I really don’t see how it was week, perhaps average but not week. The fact that he has never been on the block should tell you something and Jessica does over sing and that usually comes from inexperience. But you have a right to your point of view and I respect that.

          1. Referring to gained a little wait…um weight would refer to pounds. Wait as in hold on wait a minute

      1. You have no argument, just a subjective, biased view. First, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so who are you to judge their looks? Second, don’t you notice how the judges rave when Philips actually ‘sing’? It is because it happens so rarely while with Jessica it’s a given that her voice is amazing. Lastly, if Philipps win, it is not going to be because he has talent or better performance. He just happen to have the teenybopper looks screaming teenage fans go for- never mind talent!

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