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Phillip Phillips wins American Idol 2012 over Jessica Sanchez

Fantasia and Joshua Ledet tore up the stage, but tonight was all about Phillip Phillips

By DiMarkco Chandler and Dock Walls

Well, it’s official, the fans have chosen Phillip Phillips over Jessica Sanchez. Now that the proverbial fat lady has sung, like the decision or not, you might as well get used to it. It’s irreversible: Phillip Phillips is this year’s American Idol winner.

Now, don’t cry for Jessica Sanchez for, by all indications, she will be in the spotlight for years to come. It’s not bad to be the American Idol runner up, and here is why.

1. Jessica is only sixteen years old and, although she has performed on “Showtime at the Apollo” and was seen on the first season of “America’s Got Talent”, her performance and vocal skills will continue to develop. Eventually, she will have a superfluous, extraordinary voice, presence, good looks and musicianship.

2. She’s attractive and some day she may even be a bombshell;

3. If you closely listen to what the judges are actually saying about these two finalist, it’s obvious they have high regard for Sanchez;

4.  Last, but not at all least, while Sanchez might one day be a Great vocalist (right now she is very good), at times she seems to show her age by over singing. Perhaps that is because she challenges herself over a broad range of songs;

Conversely, the judges have made it clear that Phillip Phillips has a brand of commercial appeal that is ready for the big stage. But don’t take my word for it. Here is a summary of what they have said about Phillips: “Dude I love that song, I love the production, Everything about that was perfect;” “That was a Phillip song and there is nothing on the radio like that;” “By virtue of your vulnerability and style you have made the world your home.”

Interestingly enough, Phillips is the only American Idol contestant who has never been up for elimination. He was the first to make it through the entire series with that distinction. I repeat, the first!

Say what you want, dream what you will, tonight belonged to Phillip Phillips.

Long live the American Idol winner 2012.

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