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Obama Birth Certificate Fairy-tale Story or Nightmare

By Art Stevens

There is nothing at all wrong with Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio or anyone else disputing the authenticity of Barak Obama’s birth certificate, but I always thought that in this country, while you are completely free to make an accusation against someone, you are then required to provide evidence that will prove or disprove your case. I think that, just maybe, this might have something to do with being innocent until proven guilty.

Okay, Trump took the first step. He made the accusation. He made that accusation many months ago. When does the evidence come? Or have we gotten to that point where we don’t NEED evidence? I think that a little common sense might shed some light on the fact that we DO have a presidential election coming up, and ANYTHING, whether true or not, that might put Obama in a bad light seems to be fair game. My friends- it is not a game. As I said, I have NO problem with Trump making the accusation. Now it’s time to prove it or shut up.

On Tuesday, Wolf Blitzer on CNN interviewed Trump. Here are some quotes from that interview. Please look for the evidence.

TRUMP: “There are many people that don’t agree with that birth certificate- they don’t think it’s authentic, Wolf.”
BLITZER: “You say ‘many people’- like WHO? Give me the name of someone in a position of authority.”
TRUMP: “I don’t give names.”

Blitzer showed newspaper clippings announcing Obama’s birth from 1961.

TRUMP: “Can you stop defending Obama?”
BLITZER: “Donald, you’re beginning to sound a little ridiculous, I have to tell you.”
TRUMP: “You are, Wolf. Let me tell you something, I think you sound ridiculous.”

Blitzer then played a clip of Trump being interviewed months ago on the “Today” show.

TRUMP: “I have people that have been studying this, and they can’t believe what they are finding.”
HOST: “You have people, now, down there in Hawaii?”
TRUMP: “Yes, and they can’t believe what they are finding.”

Donald, why are you keeping us in suspense like this? Why not tell us what they were finding? Can anyone out there truly think that if Trump actually HAD proof that he would keep it to himself like this? Why, I ask you? Is it because dear Donald would never do anything to hurt Obama? Come on Donald. Come clean. Share it with us.

As for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, the same questions would apply. Basically, where’s the proof? The really unfortunate results that come from arguments of this type are that they are picked up by other people who just WANT to find fault with a political foe whether there is proof or not. I suppose they think that even if they CAN’T prove anything, the next best thing would be to drag your opponent through the mud. Such a person wrote a column for a local newspaper here in Las Vegas recently in which he claimed that Obama’s birth certificate has been proven to be a forgery beyond a shadow of a doubt and that Sheriff Joe, when he finds out who did the forgery work, will have that person arrested, and every piece of legislation that has his signature on it will be voided. Let me be on record as saying that a sincere apology will be forthcoming from me as soon as proof of these claims are printed in this gentleman’s column. I said PROOF. Not accusations, but PROOF that would hold up in a court of law.

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