The Clark County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting

By Randy Rose

Due to a large turnout, the meeting began late, at 7:35 p.m. on May 15, 2010, at the Silverton Hotel. The Romney folks made up around 49 percent, and the Ron Paul folks made up the remaining 51. The prevailing thought was that there would be a platform fight, but that didn’t happen. The meeting began with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. There were a few people there who are running in the June 12th primary. Early voting started May 26, so the candidates all gave a 30 second speech. The next item on the agenda was the motion to accept the 2012 platform as submitted, and the motion carried without the floor fight that was anticipated. The one item I had fought for for over a period of three weeks — “We support repeal of the 16th Amendment” — stayed in the platform; so the general feeling among the crowd was that there would be no drama, but they were wrong. The next item was to ratify the elections to the committees and especially Diana Orrock, the new National GOP Committee Woman. Diana then presented a motion to stop United Nations rule 21, which dictates actions to the US, which they have no right to do. That motion was carried 100 percent. The meeting was about to end when a motion was made on the floor to unseat the National Chairman of the Republican Party Mr. Reince Priebus. Then the drama began.

The motion addressed the fact that Priebus joined the RNC and Mitt Romney and campaigned as the nominee when Romney has not yet become the nominee. That is a clear indication that Priebus is a Progressive Republican and not a Conservative. The reading of the motion was interrupted by boos from the Romney camp and cheers from the Ron Paul supporters. The disscussion of the motion began when a Romney supporter stood up and said, “This is a mute point since Ron Paul has dropped out of the race, leaving only one candidate.” The crowd went crazy because the Ron Paul supporters know that Ron Paul is still very much a candidate and the Romney progressives, who watch the leftist progressive media, kept stating that they know he quit because they saw it on TV. The true fact is that Ron Paul said he was not spending money on the remaining races. He feels the money spent should be to acquire delegates. After a lot of yelling back and forth, the question was finally called and the motion carried by a small number equal to the number of Romney supporters and Ron Paul supporters. The Establishment is falling by the wayside as the Liberty Train is running strong in Clark County and all of Nevada. Below is a copy of the motion that passed.

“The Clark County Republican Party formally condemns the actions of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC Executive Committee for their flagrant violations of RNC Rule 11(a). On April 25, 2012, Chairman Priebus announced that the RNC was officially naming Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney as the party’s “presumptive” nominee for President of the United States, and as such would be merging the RNC with the Romney campaign, despite the fact that there are still multiple active campaigns in the running for the nomination. The Republican Party’s rules in regard to this matter are specifically intended to ensure a fair process which allows the members of the Party to determine which candidates best represent the ideals and will of the membership. By disenfranchising its own members, the RNC Executive Committee and Chairman Priebus have weakened the party by subverting the principles on which it was built. We hope that our Republican colleagues in local and state parties across the nation will join with us in expressing our outrage at having our role in the nomination process usurped by a select few individuals. Finally, given his outright disregard for the rules that govern our Party, we are formally demanding that Chairman Priebus resign his position within the RNC effective immediately.”

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