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Beer and pizza vending machines

By Amanda Shore

As if our health problems weren’t bad enough, now there are pizza vending machines in America and beer vending machines in Argentina.

The pizza vending machines are likely going to stay once they get here. The work like most vending machines. You put money in, and food comes out. While it is currently only available in Europe, and is doing especially well in Italy, this new machine is expected to come to America later this year.

But these aren’t just prepackaged pizzas. The machines makes your pizza to order, including kneading and rolling out the dough inside the machines. The crust is baked with infrared rays, and you can choose from hundreds of toppings. It is even so sophisticated that it can make your pizza according to vegetarian or Kosher diet restrictions.

This machine is also advanced it its payment methods. You can use cash or credit to pay for your 10-inch pizza, which will cost about $6 each.

In Argentina, a different kind of vending machine is available. Not only does it dispense beer but the beverage is free. All you have to do is hit it. Most people are only familiar with hitting vending machines in rage that their drink or snack didn’t properly dispense. This machine, made as a marketing stunt by Ogilvy for Cerveza Salta beer, requires a good, hard shove for it to grant you a Salta Rugbeer. However, if you do not hit it hard enough, you will have to walk away unrewarded. There is a so-called “pussy meter” where the options and money would go on a regular vending machine. The lowest, weakest hits will be red, and the strongest will be green. The closer to green you can get, the more likely that you will walk away with a beer.

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