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Commentary on the right: Obama’s enemies – Are they targeted?

By Eric Lageson

Questions have arisen amidst rumors on the recent deaths of controversial journalist Andrew Breitbart and his coroner Dr. Michael Cormier.

Andrew Breitbart, 43, had achieved fame by his investigative reports, which eventually led to the downfall of ACORN and Congressman Anthony Weiner.  ACORN was instrumental in the election of Barack Obama, providing fraudulent votes for our current President.

Additionally, he used the Internet to criticize the far-left agenda on his websites called  BigGovernment, BigJournalism, BigHollywood, BigPeace and BreitbartTV.  It’s fair to say Mr. Breitbart had enemies.


February 9, 2012.  Andrew Breitbart tells a CPAC audience that he intends to “derail” President Obama’s re-election. Calling BHO a “radical” and a “socialist,” he said, “Wait ‘til they see what happens March 1.

February 29, 2012. Andrew Breitbart spends his final night at “The Brentwood,” a California restaurant/bar. He is seen talking politics, sipping wine and adding comments to his Twitter page by way of his Blackberry.

March 1, 2012, around midnight, a witness sees Breitbart collapse on a sidewalk while walking back to his home in Brentwood.  He is pronounced dead at 12:19 a.m.  News reports immediately proclaim his death “due to natural causes” – before the autopsy.  Various theories, if you ascribe his death to murder…that he was drugged at the bar or shot outside through the heart with a laser.

March 1, 2012.  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference.  Arpaio announces that after an extensive seven month study, his experts have found Barack Obama’s birth certificate and selective service records to be fraudulent.  Andrew Breitbart had intended to be there for an interview.  In response, the Obama Administration openly ridicules Arpaio as a “birther” and a “racist.”

April 20, 2012.  Official autopsy results are released.  Coincidently, the coroner, Dr. Michael Cormier, 61, died that same day from arsenic poisoning.  Breitbart’s autopsy, now unverifiable, states the cause of death as “heart failure.”  There are numerous drugs that have the ability of mimicking a heart attack.  News reports spun Dr. Cormier’s death an “accidental.”  No proof was given on how this accident took place.  How does a man practiced in medicine poison himself?

In regards to the death of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Cormier; I have come to the conclusion – these two men met with foul play.  It appears there is a faction within the Obama administration willing to kill those who threaten his presidency, whether it is known or unknown by the President.  I believe Andrew Breitbart was chosen for execution as an example and as a warning to others who would expose him.

Most of you have heard the many rumors about President Obama during the past three years–that he is a foreigner, a Muslim, a closet radical, a Communist and a Manchurian candidate.  Andrew Breitbart told CPAC that Obama was secretly backed by former members of the terrorist group known as the Weather Underground.  Breitbart and others have alleged their goal was to place one of them (namely Obama) in the White House.

The Weather Underground (aka “the Weathermen”) were active from 1969 to the early 1980s as far-left Communist radicals intent on a U.S. government takeover by any means necessary. The bombing of government buildings was a favorite method of intimidation.  One of the founders is Bill Ayers; now a professor of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

In the third Presidential debate of 2008, Sen. John McCain accused BHO of “launching your political campaign in Mr. Ayer’s living room.”  Obama denied this.

News organizations, regardless of politics, need to fully investigate the Breitbart-Cormier deaths as fervently as they did Nixon’s Watergate.  To simply write off these suspicious events as normal occurrences insults my intelligence.

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