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Cannibalism, zombie apocalypse…Weren’t the Mayans flesh-eaters too?

Growing Signs Doomsday is Near

By DiMarkco Chandler

More cannibalism and zombie apocalypse reported this week, but this time, it involves a Swedish man who allegedly ate his wife’s lips. A few week ago, Miami and Louisiana reported episodes of cannibalistic zombie apocalypse attacks. A Louisiana man stands accused of gnawing his neighbor’s face allegedly from being under the influence of drugs. 43-year-old Carl Jacquneaux of Lafayette Parish is accused of biting off a chunk of Todd Credeur this past weekend. Credeur was able to fend off the attack by spraying Jacquneaux in the face with wasp spray. Shortly after, he was taken into custody at the home of a friend whom he held at knife point.

In Miami, Brandon De Leon, 21, was placed under arrest for allegedly trying to bite a police officer. In De Leon’s case, he was clearly under the influence of the Bath Salt Drug. Globalgrind.com reports that “Leon growled and tried to bite an officer on Saturday. North Miami Beach Police said De Leon slammed his head repeatedly against the plexiglass of the police cruiser and told the officer, “I’m going to eat you.”

These cases along with other have many thinking what exactly is going on. With the world in terrible financial shape and record weather being set daily, many everyday people are adding two and two and coming out with the Mayan predictions that suggests our world will be coming to an end on December 21, 2012. To link flesh-eating with the Mayans is not a strange correlation, especially when you think of the skulls and bones found by explorers when they visited the ancient city. Some experts are saying to pay attention to Bath Salts, but I don’t think it’s that simple. I hope that we don’t have something like a Mad Max situation taking over our cities.

It may be time that we as a civilization get serious about understanding the worldwide trend that appears to have quickly transformed us into a world community. Or perhaps it’s too late to avoid what might be inevitable.

What are your thoughts?

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