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Inconsistent play plagued Tiger Woods in the third round of the U.S. Open: Can he come back?

By DiMarkco Chandler

Tiger Woods looked as though he had tucked it in yesterday in frustration over a lackluster day. His own history statistics suggests he will not matter on the last day of the U.S. Open. Yesterday, Woods looked as though he had lost the eye of the tiger, unable to birdie except on the ninth hole. Tiger bogeyed 4 times during the first eight holes, and drove the ball off the tee on ninth hole, as the usually consistent golfer sent the ball into the crowd.

Tiger looked particularly offbeat during the last eight holes, barely keeping in reach of the leaders as he fell to number Fourteenth overall. And there was little if anything for the crowd to cheer at when it was Tiger’s turn to hit the ball.

Perhaps the only excitement in the third round came when the 17-year-old Beau Hossler birdied after bogeying on four occasions. The amateur golfer finished the day even-par and sits at 3-over for the Open and is tied for eighth, two shots behind the clubhouse lead and four behind Jim Furyk.

Woods’ strength has always been his consistent play, which was obviously absent today. To put it bluntly, Tiger’s play was painful to watch. Several times he forced himself to have to play from the bunker. He just seemed to struggle at every hole. When it looked as though he had overcome his early mediocre play, inconsistency continued to plague his game.

If you were expecting the U.S. Open to officially mark Tiger’s four year comeback, you’ll have to wait until the next Major because the facts don’t lie; he’s never come back to win a Major when he as been behind going into the last round.

It’s a different time and a different Tiger Woods, but not so different that he should change history.

So for those of you that are expecting Woods to pick up his game in heroic fashion, all I can say is don’t bet on it.