Don’t let Lindsay Lohan become another Marilyn Monroe: Was Paramedic Scare A Cry For Help?

By DiMarkco Chandler

Over the last year, Lindsay Lohan was seen as significantly underweight, but the rerun of her hosting Saturday Night Live appeared to show a plumped-up Lohan. Everybody can remember her showing off her new blonde hair. It’s been quite refreshing since she has returned to her original brunette color.

While for some watching her in the SNL rerun might have some measure of entertainment value, if you compare the images of her then and now, it’s quite obvious that she has lost most of the weight she had gained a few months ago. It might not mean anything, but you wonder, with her recent car crash and paramedic scare, it Lohan slipping back into a world that almost ruined her career? I hope not because she is one of the few young actresses nowadays that can really act; she’s a true artist.

Friday’s scare had many of her fans wondering in amazement at the news. Reports were that Lohan had been rushed to the hospital. After new reports confirmed that she was simply suffering from exhaustion, everybody exhaled with a sigh of relief. We don’t need another young gifted artist taking the suicidal way out. Let’s hope producers understand this possibility and mandate that the actress find time to get her proper rest.

What are your thoughts?

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