Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor, but what about Natalie Woods? See the likeness!

No photo shop; these pictures of Lohan and Woods are real and untouched

In the final months of last year, LAPD announced that they were reopening the death of Natalie Woods as her death has left law enforcement puzzled for more than thirty years. Though the investigation proved to be futile, ending ask quick as it had begun, some Hollywood producers were intrigued at the idea of retelling the story of Woods life and death. Some of the actresses that were considered best fit to portray Woods tragic life on the big screen were  that were Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Emma Stone. To my surprise, Lindsay Lohan was only mentioned in the negative as Hollywood Reporter concluded that Lohan didn’t have “the acting chops for it.DiMarkco Chandler

I found their conclusion quite puzzling, especially when you look at the fact that Lindsay apparently has the chops to play Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie titled “Liz & Dick.” And consider this: Both actresses grew up as child stars, which would suggest that Lohan at least possesses many of the real life experiences that would make up an ideal choice for the role. But there’s one other important element that seems to have been overlooked in the discussion: Lindsay’s physical characteristics are a perfect match for the role. Just look at the pictures located at the top of this article. You could hardly tell them apart.

In my opinion, Lohan would do the role of Natalie Woods justice, and I hope that if a movie of the tragic life of this Hollywood favorite were ever going to get serious consideration, someone would provide the producers with the pictures that I have included in this story.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Geoff Coldiron   June 17, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    You wouldn’t know about this because you don’t even know the woman’s name. It’s Natalie WOOD, not WOODS. At least ACT like you give a damn.


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