End our war on immigrants now: legalize immigration

End Our War on Immigrants Now!

By Stephen Frye

On Immigration, I favor a humane, compassionate, practical approach that recognizes several realities. Contributory Negligence,” is a principal of U.S. law that means when both parties contribute to a problem, both share responsibility for it. For decades, the U.S. had an open border with no check points or hardly any other screening, so we share some responsibility for the immigration problem. Thus, our contribution to the negligence mandates our need to correct it.

Another reality is that we are never going to deport millions of good immigrants that have been living, working and raising their families here for years or decades. Thus, I propose that we establish a system that allows people who have been residents for several years, say five or ten, with no significant legal problems or arrests, to get legal status.

Regarding the Dream Act, I completely support this great legislation. I am a strong advocate of Gifted Education and anyone who gets into college has worked very hard, is bright and deserves this most miraculous American opportunity. College enabled me to fulfill all my dreams.

There are now more than 723,000 foreign college students in the U.S., many of whom speak English quite poorly and have no love for and no loyalty to our country. Furthermore, our current laws require these students to return home after graduating, so we derive no benefit from their higher education except for their tuition.

Our Dream Act students all speak fluent English and would stay to become intelligent, contributing, needed bilingual professional members of our society. When many of their parents crossed the border, it wasn’t even considered a major infraction, so we cannot punish these wonderful students for their parents’ dream of a better life for themselves and their children. Isn’t that why all of our parents and ancestors came to the U.S.?

We must now pass the Dream Act!

Our Drug War has been much more devastating and deadly for Mexico and Latin America than for the U.S. Not only have there been about 10,000 murders in Mexico yearly but our 25,000 American drug gangs also kill more than 10,000 Americans annually. But since our population is almost three times Mexico’s, the drug war is three times more deadly there. Furthermore, the addiction rate in Mexico has increased by more than 50 percent in the last few years because the dealers don’t just transport and sell to gringos, they have no reservations about selling to their own people.

Tragically, Mexico’s American-fueled drug war has almost resulted in it becoming a failed state, and it’s now so dangerous that our own State Department has issued Travel Advisories warning Americans not to visit many parts of Mexico. And after our deadly drug war spread to Mexico, it then spread to other Latin American countries with even more death and destruction.

Does anyone really believe that someone would self deport to any of these extremely dangerous countries? And how immoral would it be for us to deport these good, loyal men, women and children back to a country that is now so unsafe that we Americans cannot even safely visit?

We now have a moral imperative to provide a path to citizenship as our country has contributed so much to the devastation of their countries!

Stephen H. Frye, M.D.
Frye for Congress, 2012
Former professor, University of Nevada School of Medicine
Author: Monumental Fiasco! Our Drug War;Twenty-five Reasons to End It

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  1. Albert   June 3, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    Amazing Point Dr. ! I would be happy to translate this and pass it on t to the hispanic comunity.

  2. Dave Francis   June 1, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    The lovers of the illegal immigration are ganging-up against Alabama, as they have with Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Florida and others in the mix. The GOP elites, hard core liberals, Democrats certainly have their ’feet to the Fire’ now as the majority of the American people are not going to give in to this financial irrationality. Illegal aliens and their friends in Washington can protest all they like, but TEA PARTY people have had enough of several decades of incompetent administrations and the astronomical costs associated with this unspoken invasion. The TEA PARTY constituent plans are resounding throughout our country and are not about to give away, to ultra left anti-American socialistic ideas that we ought to be the payee for anybody who arrives in our lands. All that money should be spent on our own people for schools, for medical, for all the LEGAL POPULATION, no matter their race, religion or color. If foreigners want respect enter through the same door as every person LEGALLY comes here and don’t ask for handouts? If it wasn’t for pro-sovereignty organization as the Heritage Foundation, NumbersUSA, Alipac, Center for Immigration Studies, Judicial Watch, American Patrol, F.A.I.R and so many more, our nation would be heading for total disaster.

    If it wasn’t for these outspoken groups over the years, the regular public would be harnessed in a dark place and knowing nothing of the truth, with the morons in Congress passing any bill they like and we would be even more suffocated, with non-English speaking foreigners and their children and a completely uncontrollable mass of poverty stricken humanity by the millions surging here. Thousands of Americans being victims to criminal illegal aliens, our roads and highways would be awash with American blood. Almost each day without fail, some U.S. family has been mowed down by some drunken driver, who is here illegally. There is a very high crime rate amongst foreign nationals, which covers a whole spectrum of nefarious acts.

    California, Nevada and some of the unauthorized havens are enraged now, as thousands of welfare illegal aliens are fleeing Alabama and heading to the Western states. California is probably the most overtaxed state in the union and is now contending with a 16 billion dollar deficit, brought upon them by freely giving those welfare handouts.

    The pro-Constitutional TEA PARTY is beginning to show their strength in numbers, as incumbents are losing their seats. Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana lost his entrenched place, to a Tea Party State Treasurer Mourdock, who is displaying his mettle, by stating that he will fight to secure our borders and ensure that taxpayer dollars are only spent on those legally allowed to live in this nation. Lugar had a extensive record of fighting aggressively for amnesty for illegal immigrants and was a primary sponsor of the DREAM ACT, which would have fast-tracked amnesty for millions of illegal immigrant offspring, plus chain family migration nationwide. The liberal Democrats have a campaign to undermine the TEA PARTY membership, which the political group is fading away, when actual fact is the numbers are climbing into the millions. Do you want to fight to keep more of your tax money being confiscated in continually coddling either the 20 million plus illegally immigrants settled here, or the millions more that still locate a way in slipping into America.
    Join your local Tea Party and unseat all the tired incumbents and elect fresh Tea Party leadership. Remove all Senators and House Representatives, who are pro-illegal immigration corrupted by the special interest groups. We should start with a clean slate and investigate the current records of bad politicians-both federal and state at the web site of ALIPAC.

    Two: Demand that House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and Dave Camp of Michigan, who is Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Americans must insist these lawmakers stop blocking the 50-state H.R.2885 – Chairman Smith’s ‘Legal Workforce Act’. The E-Verify bill, should concern every jobless American residents, as if put into practice on a national scale would reject illegal foreign workers.

    Stop blocking the E-Verify ‘The legal Workforce Act’ business program, to detect unauthorized workers, so they can be identified and removed.

    Three: Demand that the Congress amend the ‘Birthright Citizenship’ so that no baby born in the United States receives immediate citizenship unless one parent is a U.S. citizen or a naturalized citizen. In addition stop Chain Migration as under the present law, the child more or less cements, the rest of the immediate family as a foothold. Thereby adding even more financial pressure on state taxpayers as UNFUNDED MANDATES, to pay not only for the 400.000 babies, smuggled through borders or arrive undetected at international airline arrivals. State Government says little about the (2009) $113 Billion price tag, extorted by the IRS in catering to the families of illegal aliens. No doubt in most American’s mind that the dollar figure has raised by now and until the amendment is passed, the payout will escalate?

    Four: Stop our Internal Revenue Service issuing child credit money for children who do not even reside in the United States. In fact stop this use by illegal aliens collecting $4.2 Billion dollars of taxpayers’ money, for persons who have no legal status to be in the United States.
    Five: No more mass importation of poorly skilled foreign nationals and those only STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workers need apply.

    Six: NO more TAX & SPEND government and begin the reduction of federal agencies.

    Seven: Build the double layer fence, as previously designed the Bush’s administration as the 2006 Secure Fence. To run from San Diego, CA to Brownsville, Texas with every mile festooned with razor barbed wire. In a new detection innovation reporters watched as five people walked north from the Mexican border toward the underground sensor system. When they got within about four hundred feet an alarm sounded and a Google map page popped up showing where the “intrusion” was detected. This Sonic Barrier is exemplary at even detecting low-flying ultra light aircraft, the type now being used by smugglers to haul drugs into the U.S. across the border. Mike King of Border Technology, Inc., is the inventor of the Sonic Barrier (they call it IDENTISEIS™), saying that the system is continuing to undergo testing and development, but it is seemingly more near perfection, than the old sensing units.

    Eight: Punish States, counties and cities, which are allowing illegally ordinances and statutes relating to Sanctuary Cities? Cut off federal funding to these locations and prosecute all those responsible for these acts. Criminal aliens are settling in these places and have killed, maimed and molested children.

    Don’t be confused by the liberal tirade from the Liberal /Democrat mainstream media, as they are firmly impressed on pushing Obama’s plans of Socialist doctrines. We cannot keep importing more and more poverty encouraged by the government welfare placards, that if you can enter illegally, the taxpayers will care for you, from birth to the grave? We are being overwhelmed by persons who cannot speak English; therefore we spend a billion annually on translators. We pay for their children’s schooling to K-12 and in many cases college. Then the medical cost for the whole family, who eventually sneak through holes in the border or buy a airline ticket. Then there are no real true dollar figures, for loss of wages or under the table illegal workers; m any real truths are hidden from the public eye.

    Start by implementing mandating E-Verify business verification computer program. It is the most effective, simple immigration enforcement identifier, along with the ‘Secure Communities’ police apprehension application to fingerprint arrests and forward them to Ice and other agencies, that will deter any illegal foreign national from stealing the millions of American jobs. The usual suspects, including high-pressure, pro illegal immigrant groups are out to eliminate these powerful programs, since enforcement of immigration laws. IN A DELIBERATE MOVE OR NOT, IT HAS BEEN CLEARLY SHOWN THAT LEGISLATORS IGNORED THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION INVADERS, BY NOT CLARIFYING THAT ILLEGAL ENTRY AS A FELONY? HOWEVER I WILL KEEP ON REMINDING VOTERS, IT’S TAXPAYERS MONEY THEY ARE SPENDING ON FOREIGN NATIONALS, ESPECIALLY IN THE SANCTUARY STATES. E-Verify has proved its merit which many treasonous lawmakers never predicted it would catch-on, with any credibility. Even now it has a success rate of 98 percent and 300.000 honest business owners are now using the program. Thus they are saving themselves from ICE audits, large fines, asset loss and even a term in prison.

    Now Politicians are trapped with E-Verify because the American citizenry are fully perceptive of its use. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be on our guard, with pro-illegal immigrant legislators such as Nevada’s Sen. Harry Reid, California’s Governor Jerry Brown who want to tax their legal residence even more, to subsidize the illegal alien occupation in their states.

  3. Doll   June 1, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Illegally in America…yea, good, loyal men & women criminals. But hey, give them a pass & pick & choose what’s a crime & what isn’t for everyone. What the heck, lets not treat any crime as a crime while were at it to show compassion to all who have commited a crime but are contributing good things to the USA. Just shut our eyes to their illegal entry.


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