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Does our judicial system work? Obama birth certificate birther problem

If it does, why not use it?

By Art Stevens

We have a very sophisticated judicial system. Every day that goes by sees many thousands of people — law officers, judges, lawyers, people accused of crimes, witnesses, jurors and many more — trying to analyze, debate and reach decisions. Does the system work in our society? I think it does.

I wrote a column a short time ago that addressed the so-called birther issue claims of Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpiaio, in which they state that President Obama was not born in this country and that he should be ousted from his presidency. Their claim is that they have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that his birth certificate, which the state of Hawaii says it recognizes as being authentic, is a forgery.

Do they have the right, under our system, to make that claim? Of course they do. That is not even in dispute. That IS NOT what I am writing about. To the reader of this column, I have just one request. From here, and to the end of the column, forget that you are a republican or that you are a democrat. You are just an American citizen. I promise that at the end of the column I will push the right button and return you to your former life.

Our overly partisan political system has reached a point where at least MOST of the people, no matter which political party they are affiliated with, will go right along with that party and their claims whether or not they know the actual facts, and with not even a thought about our judicial system. Where does the judicial system come into this? It should be fairly obvious. Isn’t that where we would go if we have a major issue to settle?

Before I go any further, let me make something clear. In this particular case, republicans are making an accusation against a democrat. This is NOT what I am writing about. I really wouldn’t care if it were the other way around. Let me tell you as honestly as I can.

I’ve been on this earth for quite a while now. I’ve done some things right, and I’ve done some things wrong. I’ve learned that I can give it, and I’ve learned that I can take it. If my opinions on this issue would turn out to be wrong, I wouldn’t have any problem at all in saying that I was wrong. I’ve been there before. From the very first time that I was eligible to vote, I have been registered as an Independent. Why? Because I did not want then, and I do not want now, to be affiliated with, or beholden to, ANY political party. I AM NOT DEFENDING OBAMA IN ANY WAY. In our country, when there are accusations made, and in turn denied, if the accuser feels so strongly about the issue, and he thinks he has the evidence needed, then the proper place to go with it is the courts. Present your evidence, present your proof, make your case and a judge or jury will make their decision.

I personally think that going to the courts would be fair. If that took place, and it was ruled by the courts that the evidence proved that Obama was NOT born in this country, then my friends, I would personally say my opinion was wrong, and then I would move on to the next chapter of my life. Why, oh why, do I have this feeling as I write that most people reading this just will not believe that I have no political motive here? I can only tell you that I honestly don’t. It’s your prerogative to think what you will.

Trump, months ago, stated that he has people working on it in Hawaii, and you won’t believe what they’re finding. When asked what they’re finding? No answers. After telling Wolf Blitzer “there are many people who don’t agree with that certificate.” Blitzer asks “Who? What people?”  Trump answers, “I don’t give names.” Is this some sort of a game that we’re playing? Why all the secrecy? If you feel you have REAL evidence, USE IT! If not, I for one have heard enough.

If the accusers say they have the evidence and the proof, but they do NOT take it into a courtroom, yet they continue to make the accusations; then you tell me. Should it even come into my mind that it is an election year? Should I even wonder if it’s all a political ploy to make your opponent look as bad as possible? I’m not saying that these things apply in this case. But then, WHAT? Please keep in mind that in a court case, the defendant does not have to prove his innocence. The burden is on the prosecution to prove the defendant’s guilt. Of course, this is only if you believe in our judicial system.

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