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Donald Trumps Obama’s birth certificate controversy

He is always right and others are wrong.

By Roy Denish

It is inflexible to change man with fervor. He is always right and others are wrong.

Donald Trump dubbed as bloviating ignoramus by the Republican commentator George Will fits the theory. The definition of ignoramus is one who is ignorant, a word originated from the famous 1615 play by George Ruggle. Trump has been trumpeting the “Obama birth” notes #123 over and over again despite that it has been proved beyond any doubt that incumbent President was indeed born in Hawaii.

The self-appointed unofficial spokesman of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, the pet poodle of Donald Trump, endorsed Trump by stating that President Obama was not born in the US and that he was born in Kenya. And on his website, Limbaugh titled the CNN interview between Donald Trump and Walter Blitzer “Trump blasts Blitzer on birth issue.” Those who watched the interview know that there were disagreements between both, but under no circumstances Trump scolded Blitzer as claimed by Limbaugh.

When asked by Blitzer about the Hawaii State Bulletin 1961 notice about Obama’s birth, the “you’re fired” host repeatedly insisted, “Lots of people don’t think Obama’s birth certificate is original,” despite Blitzer pointing out that the release of the President’s birth certificate was authorized by the Alaska Governor, a republican.

The GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney refused to be dragged into the “birther” issue. This is a slap on the face for Trump, who openly have reiterated that Romney is the man for the President.

Trump, over and over again, has put himself in the pedestal of US politics as a “comedian.” His constant bickering about “birther” baloney may marginally drive out Romney’s supporters. The host of the Apprentice may have to change the title of his show to the “The ignoramus apprentice.”

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