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Mayor Bloomberg wages a war on soft drinks and it stinks

Freedom a word or a right?

By Garth Baker

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to propose a far-reaching municipal ban on sales of large-size sugary beverages by restaurants, mobile food carts, movie theaters and delis, his administration said on Wednesday.

A document outlining the proposal said it was aimed at fighting an epidemic of obesity, citing public health statistics showing that 58 percent of New York City adults and nearly 40 percent of city public school students are obese or overweight.

Isn’t obesity in some cases a choice? If I choose to not be healthy, what is it the concerns of any form of government?

Are there not more pressing circumstances that need to be dealt with? How about focusing on gasoline prices per gallon rather than a 64 oz big gulp that might make me fat, or how about the trillions of dollars of debt rather than a super sized order of fries? How about the thousands of men who have died in a war liberating another country or maybe even all the jobless Americans who don’t have any idea where there next meal is coming from? Not to mention the livelihood of the people who rely on the sales of the items they are trying to ban.

What is the real meaning behind this? It’s not to help society to become healthier; it’s about gaining control and the more little things that get controlled just prepares for when the big things hit. Like mandatory pricing, mandatory health care, mandatory etc.

What is Next?

Be careful, people. These free United States and our democratic society is turning our freedom into just a word rather than an right.

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