Gifted 21-year-old Sho Yano makes history: Youngest to earn medical degree from the University of Chicago

By DiMarkco Chandler

When you look at him, Sho Yano looks like a normal ordinary student, perhaps even a freshman or high school student. But when he opens his mouth, you get a since that you are listening to someone special, very special. Sho Yano is the youngest student to receive an M.D. from the University of Chicago. He’s what some have called a lab school brat. This week, young 21-year-old Yano will complete a pursuit he began when he was nine.

It’s not too difficult to follow this prodigy’s academic journey. The USA today still has an August 2003 article about Yano indexed online. He was only a 12-year-old at the time and was just entering medical school. The report talked about how his mother handed him his lunch for school in a brown paper bag with turkey and cookies included. The article also pointed out that at the time, Yano’s IQ had been measured to be above 200.

Anne Ryan, the writer that authored the story, reported that “his mother recalls trying to master a waltz by Chopin on the piano while 3-year-old Sho played with toy trains below her. Frustrated, she went to the kitchen to take a break—and a few moments later, hurried back in amazement as she heard Sho playing the piece.”

When Yano entered U of I in 2003, reports say that he chose medicine because he wants to help people.

Well, this gifted doctor will soon have his chance as he will enter residency in pediatric neurology this year.

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  1. mirjam van breukelen   June 6, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Good day, We like to get in touch with Sho Yano. We have a son with a chromosome disorder.
    Can you please sent him our e-mailadres because we like to ask him something.

    Thank you for your help in advance AND time,

    Mirjam van Breukelen
    The Netherlands

    PS our son’s name is Moos and he is now 12 years young


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