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Justin Bieber avoids controversy but not serious head injury

Bieber Needs to take a brief Concert Break

By DiMarkco Chandler

From paternity claims to an assault on a photographer, Justin Bieber has had his share of controversy over the last eight months. In fact, if you go back to February of last year, you’ll recall the controversy that proliferated when Bieber was asked for his opinions of homosexuality, abortion and premarital sex. Omg recently pointed out that in 2011, Bieber seemed confused when questioned by “Rolling Stone” and seemed a little nervous when slapped with a paternity lawsuit, appeared too cozy with Mariah Carey in the Christmas video duet, was made to look quite awkward when he appeared in a segment for the 84th Academy Awards with Billy Crystal’s untimely Sammy Davis Jr. Skit and most recently his run-in with a photographer in California.

As controversial as some would like to characterize these events, I say that Bieber’s squeaky clean image was never in real jeopardy. However, this latest incident is cause for concern and I don’t mean concern for his image; it’s his health that worries me. Here is perhaps the most popular pop star on the planet, with the ability to sell out Madison Square Garden in 30 seconds and his U.S. Tour in an hour. Here is a mega star that walks into a wall recently and then walks back stage and passes out. It’s not the first time Bieber has walked into a wall, and from the looks of things, it might not be his last. My worry is what kind of treatment Bieber is making time to seek out and conform to. He is a national treasure at this point in his career, and we need to see to it that he takes care of his health.

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