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Icelandic worm monster Lagarfljótsormur spotted

By Amanda Shore

Hjörtur Kjerúlf, an Icelandic farmer, was drinking his morning coffee in February in his house overlooking the Lagarfljót river when he saw something that he had only heard about in legends. He immediately grabbed his camera and shot a video of the huge creature traveling through the water like a snake.

The Lagarfljótsormur, an Icelandic worm monster, in legends is supposed to be about 300 feet long, but it has also been reported to be around 19 miles long. It has also been reported to be seen coiled up outside of the lake or slithering through the trees. Also according to the legend, the Lagarfljótsormur has many humps, a feature that the creature in the video did not share.

Some that have seen the video offer some other explanations for this strange object in the water. Some say it could be a fishing net or ice from the spring thaw. Others have said that they don’t think a monster could live in the lake because there isn’t enough of a food source to sustain such a huge creature.

Skeptics claim that the video is a forgery, but Kjerúlf stands by his statement, saying that he only shot the video. He didn’t put anything in the water, and he didn’t alter the video in his computer.

Sightings of this creature have been recorded since 1345.