Miley Cyrus’s Engagement Leaves Justin Bieber to attract petty controversy over “Baby” Lyrics

By DiMarkco Chandler

Now that Miley Cyrus is getting married, there will perhaps be less controversy surrounding the young pop star. That means all eyes will be focused on Justin Bieber. It’s not surprising that controversy has located the 18-year-old singer already. In fact, this new revelation puts Bieber’s lyrics on a new level and evokes the question: How did the song “God Bless America” get mixed up with the lyrics of the Justin Bieber song “Baby?” The controversy is so ridiculous that we might as well bring a phase Bill Maher has made famous  that is that “common sense isn’t common.”

Fox News is reporting that Greta Hawkins, principal of PS 90, the Edna Cohen School in New York, prefers the “Baby” lyrics over the lyric of the 911 song “God Bless America.” What makes this argument so preposterous is that not only has the principle explicitly said that Justin Bieber’s song is more appropriate than “God Bless America” for kindergarteners to sing, Hawkins is allied with people that agree with her. So we’re not talking about a lone nut.

As much as I like Justin Bieber and his music, the politically correct thing has moved beyond all reason. I mean really, is it really more appropriate for a 5 year old to talk about getting together with a femail partner or being proud to be an American.

Somebody please help me with this one because it’s off the radar.

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  1. skyler   June 14, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    You spelled female, femail
    Good luck.


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