Lindsay Lohan’s Car Crash and Lauryn Hill’s Taxes: Both Withholding Information to Protect the GUILTY

By DiMarkco Chandler

This weekend entertainment junkies have been spoon fed a lot of you know what when it comes to Lauryn Hill’s and Lindsay Lohan’s defending themselves against the authorities.

Lauryn Hill’s problem involves her tax bill with the IRS. Earlier this week, news of Hill’s tax problems appeared in the media and no one knew what to think. Then by this weekend, we had her public statement on the record and it (her statement) sounded much like a bunch of malarkey. The feds accused the former lead singer of the Fugees and now solo artist of knowingly not filing her 2005, 2006, and 2007 federal income taxes. In defense of their accusations, Ms. Hill responded by posting on Tumblr her side of the story. As she puts it, she withdrew from society going underground to protect herself and her family from various unidentified threats. In order to do this, Hill claims that she had to skip a few tax years to sustain her safety and survival until she was no longer in danger. Interestingly, Hill says she conveyed this information to tax investigators. Not surprisingly, the feds have filed tax counts against her alleging that she failed to file in three separate years, which carries a maximum penalty of one year for each count and $100,000 fine.

Now as ridiculous as Hill’s excuse sounds, she appears to be standing by this defense, which somebody ought to tell her is flimsy at best.

Now I find Lindsay Lohan’s emerging controversy equally as egregious. Lohan’s accident was suspicious from the very beginning. Here she is driving her 911 Porsche at 11am on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica Calif and suddenly she runs into a semi-truck and totals out her car. The story line on Lohan is that she is a train wreck waiting to happen, who would have guessed a car wreck too. But let’s revisit this major news story. Lohan goes directly to the hospital, and is released within two hours and ends up going directly from the hospital to the set of “Liz and Dick.”

Now if you’d seen the condition of her car, there is no way anyone in their write mind should be working after that accident; however, Lohan did. But something smells wrong because even the authorities were not buying Lohan’s story. How do I know that? That’s simple: Santa Monica sheriffs offered $1,000 to anyone with information about the accident that would leads to an arrest. That tells me that they did not believe Lohan either.

Fast-forward to yesterday, the driver involved in the accident is now claiming that Lohan’s people offered him a bribe to keep his mouth shut. We’re not at the bottom of this one yet, and I’m afraid it might get really ugly.

6 Responses to "Lindsay Lohan’s Car Crash and Lauryn Hill’s Taxes: Both Withholding Information to Protect the GUILTY"

  1. Guilty until Proven Innocent   June 13, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    My only question is if she went underground to protect herself and her family… How did she receive her royalties? Was the checks mailed to an underground banking system? How did she receive her earning? OK, I have been a fan from the door but this makes me think what am I looking up to? Just because an attractive woman made some of the best music of my time does that make her a person of substance because she’s singing about it? Well let me move on from that… Lauryn is dealing with some issues and personally I wish this sister thee best… Really Lauryn may be educated but she’s not that smart… To make up such a flimsy BS she could have easily said I will rectify the situation and be done.

  2. Dee   June 10, 2012 at 11:39 am

    RE. Lauryn Hill, I agree if you read her statement this is not by any means flimsy or an excuse. This woman is highly intelligent and her words are powerful and truth. I also think Lauryn Hill is a very brave woman and the more”certain people” try to discredit her the more people are starting to ask why? The media think so little of people that we will believe anything we read or see on TV, they think we are blinded but the truth is out there, maybe the don’t realize our eyes have already started being opened and we are not the dumb sheep they think we are.I would rather listen to a Lauryn Hill track on repeat for the rest of my life than buy into all this mindless garbage that plays on the Radio day in day out with no creativity using old samples from great musicians mixing them up and calling them their own, please!I’m backing Lauryn Hill all the way.

  3. Grim LeRogue   June 10, 2012 at 10:56 am

    anyone can tell from reading her statement that she is in desperate fear of her life; and the music industry mafia is using scare tactics to strong arm her and she was just trying to make sure she never ran out of $ to a point where they could attach their fangs to her & she’d be helpless. She is obviously not a criminal but the govt can be bought & is now punishing her as a compensation for not protecting her like the govt vows to do for us. Praise Ms. Lauryn Hill for not folding to those gangsters! I admire you since DAY ONE! Shame on the bullies who root for her collapse. You peons are not worthy to be spit on by her courageous saliva. Love you, Ms. Hill! People need to rally behind and support her, lest they Michael Jackson Whitney her. Come on these are devils in that music bizness! the DEVIL and all you punk musicians who allow yourself to be muzzled silent (while acting tough and bad) as she fights for your freedom to create unmuzzled by Satan. come on you aggressive herbs; Lauryn Hill is far more tough than any of you gun-waving stooges. And to you cowardly r & b singers who admire her, SPEAK UP! This woman’s life is on the line!!!!! If you doubt the music industry mafia is in bed with the I.R.S. think back to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich denouncing Bank of America; then being arrested the VERY NEXT DAY! This is no different.

    Lohan’s been stalked by a Freemason & Tila Tequila is also being terrorized by the music industry mafia. Randy Quaid fears for his life as well.


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