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Las Vegas Clark County Early voting is here — Get out and vote

By Randy Rose

This Primary is very important. We must determine who we want to represent our interests in Congress. I believe we should choose the candidate who is a strong Constitutionalist because the democrats are going to give us a huge Progressive. The voters will see a clear contrast and will vote for the republican. When we elect our own Republican Progressives, however, the voters do not see a clear choice and will always vote for the Democrats.

That is evidenced by Obama’s win over McCain. The reason Ron Paul has drawn crowds of 10,000 people to hear him speak is that the people can feel and see their liberties being taken from them and they hunger for a candidate that can restore them. The bad news is that if you sit at home and do not vote, the Progressive Republican will be the nominee this November against Progressive Democrats, and in that kind of circumstance, the democrats always win.

The reason Obama is tight in the polls against Romney is that they are both Progressives even though Obama has high negatives.

Remember that the cornerstone of the Progressive Agenda is the 16th Amendment and that repeal of the 16th Amendment would be a spear in the heart of the Progressive movement. That is why I was so determined to put that phrase on the Clark County Republican Platform. I believe we are witnessing a change in the Clark County Republican Party with a move to the Conservative principles we were founded on and away from the Progressive ways of tax and spend and spend and spend and tax. I know that 99 percent of people alive today in America were born into servitude to the Progressive agenda of income tax; so much so that you cannot envision life without it. Take a moment and read HR 25. It is only 10 pages, but it would impact our economy by five to nine percent on the upside and puts more money in your wallet. You can find it and read it at www.fairtax.org or www.fairtax.org/nevada or www.house.gov. I know of two candidates who have sworn to co-sponsor HR 25: Ken Wegner in CD 4 and Charmaine Guss in CD 1. I thought Danny Tarkanian was for HR 25, but when I saw an interview where the question was asked about income taxes, he never mentioned the Fair Tax Act. I guess the multi-million dollar judgement against him may have had his mind pre-occupied.

Finally, I have one more observation. I have said in the past that the Clark County Republican Party has gone so far left, that when they look right they still see left, but when they look at the constitutionalists, they see radicals. That is no longer the case. I have seen a dramatic shift with the Progressive chairman and vice-chairman of CCRPCC stepping down and a conservative taking the helm. I am encouraged, but I need your help. Please get out and vote. The Clark County Tea Party came out with endorsements of Progressives. I find it ironic that the Tea Party goes left as the Clark County Republicans are going right. Therefore, my advice to you is to vote Conservative. You can always spot a Progressive because they are the ones who support income tax. They also love the flat tax.

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