Lindsay Lohan in the troubled waters again, she may go to jail

Lindsay Lohan may go to jail again

Contributed By Roy Denish
The-25 year-old actress has apparently lied to the police that she was a passenger during an accident when the car in which she was traveling crashed into a dump truck on Pacific Coast Highway in California last week.
Lohan reportedly told the investigators she was the passenger, but her assistant has alleged that it was actress who was driving the rented Porsche when the vehicle rear ended the dump truck.  Unconfirmed reports said that her assistant tried to bribe the driver of the dump truck, but the Guardian Express was not able to verify the facts.
“If she had lied, she will go right back to the jail because she is on probation for the March shop-lifting incident,” legal analysts said. Lohan is on probation until 2014, and if the investigators discover the actress had lied, she could spend 245 days in jail, a source said.
The dump truck driver who initially claimed that he was not injured in the accident now reportedly has retained a lawyer.
The actress and her assistant were involved in the accident while they were on their way to a set for a rehearsal.

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