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No Kanye West, No Ray J, Kim Kardashian Shines In Drop Dead Diva Fourth Season

Drop Dead Diva had a ratings problem until Kim Kardashian happened to it

By DiMarkco Chandler

For some of you TV junkies that have not watched “Drop Dead Diva,” I can tell you that you’re missing a good ensemble cast and an equally entertaining comedy script about an aspiring model (Deborah “Deb”) who dies in a car crash. As she enters heaven, the gatekeeper informs her that she has arrived broke. In other words, she has neither good deeds nor any bad deeds to be measured by. Finding such news unacceptable, she pushes to return to her former body so she can return to her earthly life. By pushing a key on a computer that she should not have pressed, she gets a measure of her wish fulfilled. She is brought back to earth; however, the body she receives is not her original Drop Dead package as she is placed in the body of a plus size brilliant lawyer named Jane Bingum.

In its first year, the show was well received, but after its third year, ratings began to fall off. Access Atlanta reports that “creator, Josh Berman said he heard through the grapevine that Khloe Kardashian was a fan of the show. So the show called Kim’s representative directly and it turned she knew about the show too. ‘I pitched the concept of her character,’ Berman said. ‘She was intrigued. She liked the spirit of the show. So she flew in for three episodes.’”

I usually don’t have anything good to say about Kardashian, however, she is a natural for the role of a relationship guru. I guess I’ll have to start giving her credit for something. But with that said, Kim Kardashion might just be the medicine that the doctor ordered to put “Drop Dead Diva” up in the ratings.

Television is sure enamored with her. This Sunday, she will appear on three different channels. Of course, she will appear in her regular reality gig, but she will not only make her debut on “Drop Dead Diva” but she will also be featured in Ashton Kutcher’s return on Punk’d.

Kardashian is sure racking in the dollars. Some might suggest that she is fleecing the networks and her fans in exchange for her God-given beauty: a sort of Beauty and the Fleece. While I would normally agree with such an analogy, I’m going to have to pass this time. Her efforts on “Drop Dead Diva” have forced me to rethink how I feel about the Kardashian.

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