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Republicans, Democrats or Republicrats, Demicans: is there any difference?

By Dirk Tejan

On August 03, 2011, 65-year-old James Stewart was met at his place of business, Rawesome Foods, by machine gun wielding agents of the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). According to NaturalNews.com Mr. Stewart was handcuffed, was never read his rights and no search warrant was shown. Much of Mr. Stewart’s inventory of raw milk and other natural foods was destroyed by these agents. This attack on Rawesome Foods typified a growing trend of Federal animosity toward natural food growers and sellers.

As organic farmers and the Amish are often harassed, it isn’t hard to see the connections between the Federal Government and huge corporate growers like Monsanto. For example, Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas was once a lawyer for the Monsanto Corporation. Donald Rumsfeld once sat on the Board of Monsanto’s Searle pharmaceuticals, which brought us the toxic sweetener Aspartame. Anne Veneman became the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture after she left the Board of Monsanto. And now during the Obama administration, Michael Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President, is the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods (http://organicconsumers.org).

On May 23, 2012, Senator Rand Paul introduced legislation to rein in the overreaching FDA. Senator Paul explained that the bill would “disarm the FDA and make the agency stop using guns against the American people; it would halt the FDA’s armed raids on raw milk farmers. It would also stop the FDA’s outrageous and longstanding censorship of truthful health claims of dietary supplements and medicinal herbs.” Unfortunately, the amendment was quickly shot down by the Senate. Only 15 Republicans felt that Paul’s legislation was worthy of support. And of the party “of the people?” Not one democrat senator supported it.

Both political parties seem eager to make their mutual animosity well-known. Unfortunately, it seems that they often agree about the most oppressive and egregious legislation.

For example, Republicans and Democrats teamed up in support of NAFTA and GATT. Americans were promised fantastic economic growth from these agreements. In reality, they have helped the globalist corporations immensely while America’s middle class continues to fade away. According to the United Nations, the U.S. now ranks fourth in GDP, yet it is 92nd in distribution of wealth. The Gini Coefficient, which rates such things, shows that income disparity has been continually getting worse in the United States since the 1970s.

The New York Times reported last year that although for the past five years General Electric has accumulated over $26 billion in American profits, they have received a net tax BENEFIT of $4.1 billion during that time. General Electric spokesmen admitted that they spent fortunes to lobby congress for tax breaks while at the same time aggressively exploiting tax loopholes. Republicans and democrats have worked together to create a tax system where the small businessman is always challenged to pay more while the huge international corporations like General Electric pay NOTHING in taxes through creative accounting, offshore trust funds and simply buying off Congress.

Certainly during the last 30 years, you have noticed the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the United States. Republicrats have joined forces to give away trillions of YOUR tax dollars to these international corporations. This is money they have used to fund moving their operations (and jobs) offshore. After the taxpayers were FORCED to give General Motors a giant bailout, GM returned the favor by sending even more manufacturing jobs overseas. That’s right– several models are being produced in China as we speak.

The money given to the auto companies was peanuts compared to the trillions received by the international bankers to cover the fraudulent investments that THEY created! Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont says that a recent audit of the Federal Reserve confirmed that the U.S. taxpayers provided a whopping $16 TRILLION in secret loans to bail out U.S. and foreign banks and businesses. According to a February 9th Bloomberg article, every mortgage in America only amounted to $10.5 trillion in 2009. Every home loan could have been paid off! Instead, the Republicans and Democrats once again worked together to rip off the American people.

Recently both parties have teamed up again to give us the “Super” Congress. This horrible law flips the United States political system on its head. The voting structure of Congress is now changed. Most congressmen and all of the freshmen “Tea party” members now have virtually no power. According to Constitutional Attorney Stewart Rhodes, this law is similar to the Enabling Act in Germany of the 1930’s that signaled Hitler’s rise to power. We are now ruled by an oligarchy.

Both parties love surveillance of the populace. Both parties overwhelmingly approved the miss-named “Patriot” act. This act attacks our privacy and our constitutional rights. As such it is hardly patriotic.

Now the Republicrats have given us NDAA (sections 1021 and 1022). This tyrannical law asserts that the Federal government can send soldiers to your house, kidnap you and throw you into a secret prison INDEFINITELY. The president and his agents would make the determination of your guilt– not a jury. No search warrant. No Habeas Corpus. No Posse Comitatus. This horrible law is a direct assault on the Bill of Rights that our brave servicemen have given their lives to defend. NDAA was pushed through, once again, by both parties. Reid, Heller, Berkley, and Heck all voted for it. Obama was so proud of NDAA that he signed it on New Year’s Eve when he hoped no one would notice.

According to OpenSecrets.org, Mitt Romney’s top campaign contributors are Goldman Sachs, followed by Credit Suisse Group, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Barclays.

Obama’s campaign contributors are virtually identical to Romney’s. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, USB and most of the others donated heavily to the 2008 Obama campaign.

Republicrat or Demican? Pick your poison.

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