Iranian general warns his finger is on the trigger, shows support for Syria

By Randy Rose

While the news is all about Wisconsin and the Presidential Race, there are other things happening around the world. People often question why Obama was so quick to attack North Africa, but he will not strike Syria. There is a reason for that. You remember my article about Russia building up arms in anticipation of an Israeli attack on Iran? Now Iran is warning about Syria. In the face of Western pressure to do something about Bashar Assad and his killing of defenseless women and children, the Iranian Government warns against us taking any action, and that is why Obama is not attacking Syria. The pro-Assad resistance has its finger on the trigger, and the aggressors will not survive the conflict, according to Brig. General Massoud Jazaeri, speaking to Mashregh, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guard.

Iranian officials often refer to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon as the resistance front. Mashregh, in March, said that Iran’s armed forces had formed a joint war room that included officers from Syria, Iran and Hezbollah for a coordinated military response to an attack on Syria. “A conflict in Syria will engulf the region and its main victims will be the people of Syria themselves,” Jazaeri warned the protesters. “The Zionist regime and the interests of the enemies of Syria are all within range of the resistance fire. At the right time, people of the region will retaliate against these actions. The defeat of the enemy at this stage will be a big event and, God willing, we will witness that.” He was referring to a myth that Western forces were at fault. There have been several reports alluding to the Revolutionary Guards’ involvement in the Syrian suppression. The deputy commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, Cmdr. Esmail Ghani, said his forces have been playing a “physical and nonphysical” role in Syria. Syrian protesters were called“rabble-rousers” who are “puppets of Zionists and the United States” and that their chanting slogans against Iran and Hezbollah “will be their last stand.”

Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naqdi, who has been sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department for human rights abuses in Iran, told Lebanese TV Al Manar, “After the expulsion of the Americans from Iraq, and the disruption to their defensive posture in protecting the Zionist regime, America, in order to defend the regime of the occupier of the Quds (Jerusalem) is after a new scenario in Syria. … But they will be defeated.”

Naghdi also said the West was wrong in believing that international sanctions against Iran will force the Islamic republic to accept demands that it yield on its clandestine nuclear program.

“Sanctions have had a lot of effect on Iran, but one positive one is the growth of science and internal production. … If the American president did not have his hands in the blood of nations of the world, specifically Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine, and had not embraced torture, we would have given him a national medal for his service to the Iranian nation for imposing sanctions.”

The mullahs ruling Iran, based on centuries-old hadiths, believe that an ensuing attack on Syria or Iran would cause a counterattack on Israel that will trigger the coming of “Mahdi,” the Shiites’ 12th imam and the last Islamic messiah. Both those events are looking increasingly likely as Assad continues to murder his own people and Iran continues its quest for nuclear weapons. The question remains: What will Obama eventually do? But if history proves to repeat itself, he will go weeks or months before doing anything.

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  1. Joseph Zrnchik   June 10, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Netanyahu calls the Syrian civil war in genocide, but what does he call the slaughter of Palestinian children? It is so nice to see Netanyahu speak against the killing of Sunnis in sectarian violence with Syrain Shiite Allawites. It must be that he has a soft spot in his heart for al Qaeda. I only wonder why he never said a word as Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians, or why he never spoke up for the five-hundred thousand Iraqi children that died from lack of antibiotics, of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis that were slaughtered as the result of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also never mentions the thousands of civilians killed by the Israeli slaughter in Operation Cast Lead. Yet, now he wants U.S. intervention because some Syrian Sunnis are killed as part of a civil war and he feigns concern because he wants to stir up things between the U.S. and Iran by having the U.S. and Iran fight a proxy war in Lebanon. The most despicable part of this is I will some be called an anti-Semite and Jew-haters for pointing out this Zionist hypocrisy. It is getting easier and easier to discern Zionist motives and media.

    The Saudis would also like to pit us against their enemy Iran, but Americans should remember it was Iran’s enemy, the Saudis, who knocked down the Twin Towers. They all were Saudi Sunnis and none were Iranian Shiites. The Saudis oppress their huge Shiite population and justice demands that a revolution begin under the oppression by Sunni monarchs.

  2. obamas cousins father   June 10, 2012 at 9:26 am

    what you going about kid, the so called anti Christ aka anti messiah will show his face ONCE SYRIA falls, so basically the ones behind the Syrian coup are supporting the Magog nation, the false Messiah nation

    christ in greek or hebrew aka Messiah, promised to come for the children of israel, the descendants of jacob as who David Ben-Gurion said once are the homeless Palestinians peasants in the streets are the ones the messiah is coming to free from oppression, and expose the false messiah.

    but where did this story come from?
    Since the vatican has refused to share the real names of the parents of Rabbi Jesus and instead kidnaps and imprisons anyone who sees the records where again one asks do these stories of the beast shows his face in 2012 in SYRIA after taking down the leader (who happens to be ASAD) where did they come from?

    the jesus preached about in Rome certainly is not rabbi jesus to begin with, get your stories straight and look at the persecution of jews for 2000 years, so far i think christians and others predected their own fall

  3. francis maggard   June 10, 2012 at 8:30 am

    No land will defeat Israel.It is the land of God’s chosen people.The antichrist will act like he is going to help Israel but he will not.He will come from Syria and try to control the whole world with his one religion.He will fail cause there is only but one God and one Jesus.He will be like Obama,promise change and good things but fail.My point is if any other country tries to destroy or harm Israel they will not succeed in doing so.World War 3 will not belong to us the USA but to Israel cause Jesus will return and help defeat the antichrist and his soldiers along Satan.I’m just saying don’t mess with Israel or you will fail.


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