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Kim Kardashian buys Lamborghini for Kanye West but money can’t buy Kim love

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By DiMarkco Chandler

When she is not spending time spending money on Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian is spending time spending money on her friends, fans and perhaps a future husband. I guess when all you have to do is get married to a semi famous NBA Basketball star to make a cool 17 million, how much more will the sexy Kardashian earn by marrying the uber-famous Kanye West? What am I implying? I’m simply drawing my conclusions based on the evidence at hand; therefore, I have concluded that Kardashian buys her friends, her fans, her husbands and subsequently her happiness.

For the most part, Kim buys for Kim, which should come as no surprise because most of us do that. The difference is when you have the kind of money she earns and the kind of attention that she receives, you might expect or hope that the philanthropic side would at least make the news more often than it has. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Kardashian does not give her money away; she recently gave of herself and her money to LGBT to the tune of 50,000, reports US Weekly Magazine. She also has been reported to give to the dream foundation. But these gifts take a backset to the lavishness she bestows upon herself, which leads me to somewhat question the motives behind her charity gifts.

Over the last two years, Kardashian has treated herself to expensive Elizabeth Taylor jewelry, a Rose Royce, Lamborghini, diamond rings, multi-million dollar homes and talk about purchasing Buckingham Palace. In February 2012, Kardashian purchased a $100k Jacob and Co. watch for her friend Jonathan Cheban, and if reports are correct, she bought a new Lexus or two or three, depending on which report you read for her fans. So when Kim Kardashian purchased a $750k Lamborghini for her new boyfriend Kanye West, why would anybody be surprised? By the looks of things, that’s what Kardashian does: spend money. It’s practically her job. And I guess from the look of things, it’s our job to report about her doing her job.

My point here is that it’s a terrible lifestyle for people to imitate, yet there are more than a few that believes it’s a lifestyle one should aspire to. She can do what she wants with her money, but we don’t have to romanticize it. There are numerous film and TV personalities that I would prefer my children to imitate, like Jenifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie.

All I’m saying is that I don’t think we should elevate the message that suggests that money can buy you love or happiness for that matter.

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