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Syria Shoots Down Turkish F-4 Phantom Jet on Patrol

By Randy Rose

As tensions remain high in Syria with the General’s hand on the trigger, my previous article will give you greater insight to this incident. Syria shot down a Turkish plane. The Turkish pilot and navigator are both missing after being shot down when they were unarmed. The Turkish plane was on a routine reconnaissance mission when it flew 1/2 mile into Syrian Airspace and was promptly shot down over the Mediterrian Sea. Turkey then threatened to retaliate but did not say how as they are still looking for their downed pilot and navigator. This action has heightened Tensions between these two countries who were once friends. Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Jihad Makdissi said “the downing was not an attack. “An unidentified object entered our airspace, as a result it was brought down. It was understood only later that it was a Turkish plane. There was no hostile act against Turkey whatsoever; it was just an act of defense for our sovereignty.”
Turkish President Abdullah Gul conceded the plane may have unintentionally crossed into Syrian airspace, but said such an act was “routine” for jets to unintentionally cross borders for short periods. Gul said his government was still investigating what happened, but “no one should have any doubt that whatever (action) is necessary will be taken.” It was not clear if that action would involve a miltary response. Faruk Celik, the Turkish Labor and Social Security Minister, said his nation would retaliate “either in the diplomatic field or give other types of response.” “Even if we assume that there was a violation of Syria’s airspace, though the situation is still not clear, the Syrian response cannot be to bring down the plane,” Celik told reporters. “The incident is unacceptable. Turkey cannot endure it in silence.”