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Exclusive Report: The Occupy Movement’s Hat Trick Of Foreclosure and Lies

By Jason Thomas

The Occupy movement has pulled off a hat trick with their ongoing war against the foreclosure of homes. Unfortunately, the hat trick is against them.

Occupy in Atlanta would have you believe that they are champions against injustice, especially in the realm of housing foreclosures. They use phrases such as, “Illegal foreclosure” and “housing is a human right,” and they use them often. The Atlanta iteration of the Occupy movement was the first to successfully keep a family in their home despite facing certain eviction, and Occupy Atlanta will remind you of this whenever they can.

There’s just one problem. Every eviction they have ever complained about was completely legal and totally justified from the prosecution’s side of the fence and simply smoke and mirrors from Occupy’s standpoint.

For instance, they’ve spent inordinate amounts of resources to save the Pittman family’s home. I’ve been there personally. They seem like a nice enough bunch of people, and if you listen to Occupy’s story about this, their grandmother was suckered into a subprime loan. Worst still, Chase bank knew she lived on a fixed income and could not possibly pay back her loan unless she lived a record amount of time.

Unfortunately for Occupy, there is a lot more to the story than this. Grandmother Pittman, who has since passed away and is missed by many in her community, didn’t take your average home loan. She took more than three hundred thousand dollars. Nobody is sure why, but it’s ridiculous to think that Chase shouldn’t care about losing everything they put into this loan. There are many capable people of employment age in the home. None have a job; none have tried to get a job. They’re not even trying to pay for their house.

Within the last week, Occupy Atlanta has released their latest crusade on foreclosures and evictions. A lady named Tacco was recently evicted from her home. She’s a mother, and there are children without a home now. Many would be rightfully upset if they listened to that story, and that’s all Occupy Atlanta will tell you.

What they won’t tell you is that Tacco is a single mother of eleven children. You read that right. She has e-l-e-v-e-n children, mostly from different fathers, and that Children’s Services wants to take her children but ran into problems doing so because they couldn’t find Tacco at all. They found the kids, who were all at home alone without any supervision. They just couldn’t find Tacco when they wanted to discuss it. Those kids were living without electricity because Tacco found it more prudent to find the father of her next child than to pay for her housing and her basic utilities. Once again, Occupy Atlanta feeds you a load and expects you to like it.

Perhaps the greatest gotcha moment with the Occupy movement in Atlanta will come when you look into the Occupiers personally instead of the movement as a whole. For instance, the most prominent member of Occupy Atlanta is Tim Franzen. He always seems to be present when the news cameras are rolling, and he’s usually the guy that stands up and speaks for the group.

He’s also a convicted burglar and drug abuser. It’s hard to find, considering that he changed his name when he got out of prison and will hostilely obscure the truth if asked about it. I spent many months interacting with him on a daily basis and can assure you that he cultivates the squeaky clean image he projects and protects it at any measure, even in decidedly unOccupy ways. They are, after all, a nonviolent movement.

Atlanta’s organization doesn’t have just one madman at the wheel, though. To give a brief recap, the organization also contains a man who assaulted a mentally handicapped man (himself a fellow member of Occupy Atlanta) for simply disagreeing with him, several people who have embezzled money from multiple sources, a violently angry feminist who dislikes how men treat women but who treats her latest girltoys in the same fashion that she hates men for doing, dozens of hard drug addicts, several registered sex offenders who assaulted horribly young children in their day and, oddly enough, an aspiring politician from New Orleans. I’m not sure that the last guy should be looked at with disdain, considering the plethora of better targets of your ire within that list. Actually, he’s the nicest and cleanest whistle in the lot. And he is willingly hoping to be a politician!

This is but one city’s Occupy movement. It is surely within the realm of possibility that this is simply one city’s Occupy Movement going out of control and the rest are great things. I’ve been to a grand total of twelve Occupy encampments across the nation. I assure you, they’re all as bad or worse.

The question must be asked; if this is the true Occupy – lies perpetuated by criminals – then why did any of us ever believe in them, and why were we ever moved to outrage by the actions of those who want it stopped? If the surface of Occupy is this easily scratched, what lies beneath?

That rabbit hole goes deep, my friends. I’ve been down in the depths of the hole for extended periods of time, and even I can’t tell you how full of crap it is.

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