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First the ‘FAME’ now the ‘FORTUNE’ for Chris Brown

By Kelly J Newson

It’s not a comeback because Chris Brown aka Breezy never left. Now, after releasing ‘FAME’ and winning his first Grammy, Chris Brown has released his fifth studio album ‘Fortune.’ Chris announced on the BET awards this past Sunday that ‘Fortune’ will be his last album. Now that’s stunning news to his fans. Is this truly his last album, a publicity stunt or his last album with his current label Jive? Or is Chris just taking a break from music to pursue other avenues such as his art or doing more movies? Whichever it is, let’s hope Chris doesn’t stop crafting hits, but I’m sure Team Breezy will support their main guy on whatever he does. Though if this is his last album, he is going out on top with his latest release ‘Fortune.’ Chris Brown really brought his A-game with this release and will have you looking forward to the tour to see how he choreographs and sings his hits live. ‘Fortune’ continues to solidify Chris Brown as a force to reckon with and the hottest act in R&B and Pop right now, thank you Chris Brown for this masterpiece! ‘Fortune’ in stores and on iTunes now!

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