Is Dwight Howard hurting Dwight Howard

By Steve Kish

Imagine you’re an NBA GM and you are thinking of going after Dwight Howard. You have the same access to information as the general public. You read, you read yahoo sports, you read a hundred other media outlets. Howard seems like a basket case. Is his talent worth the risk of him asking to be traded if things don’t go a-ok? This is who he has become.

I know I wrote that Dwight needs Brooklyn and Brooklyn needs him. I still stand by that. I strongly feel he would be happy and content there. Anywhere else though I honestly feel after reading article after article and headline after headline, he is a major basket case. He has no clue what he wants and probably won’t be happy unless he is with Brooklyn. Why Brooklyn, all we can do is guess. Marketing? DWilliams? Joe Johnson? Exposure? No one honestly knows but D12.

All I know and we should all be able to figure out is Dwight isn’t signing an extension with any team. He tried not to be Shaq, in doing that has become worse then Shaq. At least Shaq left when he was able to, didn’t go back and forth. Magic fans would and will be upset if/when he leaves but they would understand him leaving in the long run if he just manned up about it. The Magic under GM Smith did little to surround him with useable talent. Richardson, Arenas, Turkoglu, and Davis? These are what you add to try to help D12 win a championship. Do you ever wonder if Dan Gilbert and Richard Devos must be BFFs.

They both have pushed their franchise player out by not making the needed roster moves to make their stars happy. Simple equation billionaires, do what your franchise player asks, equals them signing on for many years.

We all can say the players shouldn’t have the power. In 90 percent of “real” jobs, the employer has all the power, but in sports, this is reversed.

This needs to be reversed and fast. Players controlling how teams operate is not the ideal situation. Dwight has caused a circus, one I say is much larger then “The Decision.” At least LeBron let everyone know he was going to test his options, test the market. Dwight has been back and forth. Giving lists of team after team he would go to, then eliminating them from the list. Dwight’s saga has been so bad it’s even  caused central Florida to forget how to vote again.

The Magic need to take the best offer left, get what you can. Dwight is leaving in the summer. The Magic don’t have enough assets to land a big name player. Only if they do that then will Dwight even think about staying. The Magic would need to pull off a miracle trade to land a star to keep Dwight.  The only possible  trade that may happen is Dwade to Magic to for Turkoglu, Richardson and draft picks. Even that won’t get the Magic past the Heat. Dwight then still bolts.

As Dwight keeps demanding things his value falls. Dwight scares teams, enough to have them back away from trade options. Which Dwight are they going to be getting, the dominant slam dunk champion, the guy that knocked LeBron and the Cavs out of the playoffs, or the guy that is demanding this and that? Dwight is a top 10 player, maybe top 5 when he decides to just play the game and not worry about where he is going.  He is a game changer, a franchise player but only if his head is right.  Dwight might play in the Magic Kingdom, but right now he looks more like Goofy then Mickey Mouse.

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  1. Me   July 14, 2012 at 3:38 am

    He’s a cry baby. I respect what he does outside of the nba like his charitable works. But i lost all my respect for him as a basketball player because he cares more about the money, or winning, rather than enjoying the game. It’s people like him that turns the sport from a game into a dirty buisness filled with lies and falls hope, and i for one am disguisted by it


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