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Nebraska Establishment GOP Fears Ron Paul Delegates

 By Randy Rose
Security for the Republican State Convention has been outsourced due to fear that this year’s convention could be disrupted by Ron Paul delegates. The party chairman  Mark Fahleson decided this week to stay in his position to prevent a Paul supporter from winning his seat, there’s still potential for fireworks at the state convention on July 14 in Grand Island. The truth is that Ron Paul supporters follow the rules and the Progressive establishment Republicans are the ones who resort to violence and dirty tricks to silence the liberty-minded, freedom-loving Ron Paul delegates. The executive director of the state Republican Party, Jordan McGrain said that in addition to its usual sergeant at arms committee, the party hired additional security for the first time in convention history, to his knowledge.
Party officials are preparing for potential for trouble caused by Paul supporters. The Republican Texas Congressman stopped campaigning for president in May, to concentrate on winning delegates at state conventions and by winning delegates at conventions in Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Louisiana with an eye toward sending as many as possible to the national convention in Tampa.  It would be an embarrassment for Heineman – the first governor to endorse Romney – to have his state’s delegates vote for Paul at the national convention. Heineman has been mentioned as a contender for a Romney cabinet post. In Nebraska. about half the delegates went to Ron Paul in Douglas and Sarpy counties even as rules were violated in Dodge county and other counties around the state in an effort to suppress freedom and liberty.The Ron Paul group teamed up with the TEA party to try to get their candidate for chairman elected, over the wishes of Gov. Heineman, until chairman Fahleson pre-empted that fight by announcing he will stay in his position until his term ends next spring.
The leader of the Tea Party/Paul movement in Nebraska is Laura Ebke, a blogger and chairwoman of Republican Liberty Caucus, which promotes limited government and individual liberty. She has said her movement is about the heart and soul of the Republican Party, which she said will “sink into oblivion” if it doesn’t bring new people on board.
“It’s just a matter of trying to bring the party back our way a little bit,” she said today.
She said there’s dissatisfaction with the state party and her group would like to have more of a role in the GOP. She said many counties aren’t sending a delegate to the convention, which ought to worry state party officials.
Ebke was called in to a meeting with the governor recently where Heineman “made it clear to us that he wasn’t very happy” about the group’s support for the candidate for chairman that he had not endorsed, John Orr. She said the governor said they shouldn’t challenge his authority to name a state chairman.
They were not dissuaded, however. Fahleson’s move this week solved that problem for Heineman – delaying that battle until next spring.
Ebke said she hopes the Nebraska state convention doesn’t get tumultuous, and as the “mom” of her group, she’s tried to keep people on an “even keel.” She said her group just wants to get as many Paul delegates as possible, to get his name put into nomination in Tampa in a symbolic victory.
“The last thing I want is to have a real rowdy convention,” she said. “By the same token, youthful enthusiasm could result in… ” she said, trailing off.
“I hope that the party plays fair,” she said. “We’re prepared to lose as long as we lose fair.”
I believe that no matter how hard the establishment tries to silence the ground swell of liberty and freedom loving Americans is why Ron Paul keeps winning delegates despite the violence and rowdy tactics of Romney supporters.

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