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Republican Party Denounces NDAA

By Dirk Tejan

Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada

July 19, 2012

Last night, the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee in Nevada unanimously passed a resolution soundly denouncing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, sections 1021 and 1022, and requesting immediate action against it by the Clark County Sheriff. These sections of NDAA 2012 include language that the Clark County Republican Party calls “blatant attacks on the United States Constitution, specifically Amendments 4, 5, 6, and 8 of our Bill of Rights”. In NDAA the federal government claims the right to detain American citizens indefinitely, without producing a search warrant.

The resolution passed last night calls for and requests the Clark County Sheriff, Douglas Gillespie to publicly state that Clark County is not a battlefield, as the NDAA declares, and that he will not enforce the imposition of martial law, absent a declaration of war duly approved by Congress. In addition, the resolution requests the Sheriff to publicly state the he will not aid or participate in the unconstitutional arrest, detainment, torture, assassination, or extraordinary rendition of any United States citizen in Clark County, Nevada.

In short, the resolution asks Clark county sheriff Gillespie to live up to the oath he swore to protect and defend the United States Constitution.

The resolution also states, “a primary concern of the Clark County Republican Party is the constitutional rights and freedom of every American citizen in Clark County, Nevada.”

After reading the resolution out loud before the body, County Whip Jordan Ross leapt to the floor to make an impassioned plea for the item as a voting member of the party. After a short discussion the resolution was passed unanimously.

This meeting of the Clark County Republican Party included the election of a new Republican Party Chair and Vice Chair, as well as additional Executive Board seats, and other senior officer positions. Cindy Lake was voted in as the CCRP Chair, with Carl Bunce filling the Vice Chair slot. These seats had been vacated by officials upset at the recent and great increase in vocal and opinionated new members standing for the cause of liberty.

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