When Will We Learn? After Aurora Colorado; Or Must More Die

An American Travesty

By James Turnage

This is Friday, July 20, 2012.  As we all know by now, 71 people were shot in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, early this morning. Sadly, 12 of the victims have lost their lives, and at least 18 more are in very serious condition.  This unconscionable act had no relation to normal thought and understanding.  People all over the world are mourning the deaths of these innocents.

Every time something such as this happens in this country, or anywhere in the world, I ask myself one thing:  What makes someone so angry, regardless of their mental acuity, that they would decide to murder people they don’t know; persons with which they have had no relationship that might have been seen as a confrontation; people who somehow became expendable?

Sadly, events such as this are not unusual in my lifetime.  I am as guilty as anyone for the extreme anger I feel occasionally.  I have lived long enough to hate certain things, such as ignorance, stupidity, bigotry, prejudice and racism.  But I would never consider physical harm to anyone.

Individuals such as this 24-year-old man have traveled beyond anger.  They have achieved hatred.

I have written before about my lack of understanding about why our country is the most “gun crazy” in the world.  This is only a small part of the cause and effect for the atrocity that happened in Aurora.  The core lies in an attitude that permeates our entire country.

Political candidates, radio and television personalities, have all advocated a violent overthrow of our government.  It happened with a senatorial candidate in my own state of Nevada.

We live in a new and dangerous world.  It is controlled by media, not by independent thought, not by individual research or even intellectual discussion.  Our citizens are constantly told what to think and what to believe by personalities who don’t even believe the words they speak.  So much of the rhetoric is purely for ratings, and thusly for monetary reasons.  Simply put, for advertising.

Regardless of the reasons, the responsibility lies within all of us.  We have become a nation that is divided, a nation that has become intolerant, a nation that elevates extremists, and belies intelligent thought and discussion. This deplorable act in Aurora will become another anecdote in our country’s history that will demonstrate that one unbalanced individual’s personal hatred and misguided anger destroyed the lives of many, not only the victims who lost their lives, but, also the families and friends of those who had their lives shortened.

My day has been filled with sadness.  My brother and his family live in Denver.  Once I was positive that they were all safe, I thought I would feel better.  I didn’t.

3 Responses to "When Will We Learn? After Aurora Colorado; Or Must More Die"

  1. white_lab_rat   July 22, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    …And yet your post is the most predictable of all. You write off the entire incident with (paraphrased): “Look this kind of thing just happens. You don’t learn from it, it is just random. It’s the price of freedom. Just go back to your lives there are more important things happening.” Same over all reaction that happens every time after a shooting like this. This insures no one will ever address why we have so much violent crime in the US. Your right that there are terrible things happening in the world and that the answers to this sort of tragedy are not simple. However posts like yours are just part of the reluctance to look for the actual answers to why people in the US so frequently behave this way. A lot of countries have freedom, and in almost none of them is this kind of thing a common event. Are you not even a little curious as to why that is? =)

    • white_lab_rat   July 22, 2012 at 8:31 pm

      this was in response to SH. Sorry for any confusion

  2. SH   July 21, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    So predictable. The liberals are going to say gun control is the answer. Conservatives are going to say allowing more people to carry guns so someone could’ve stopped him is the answer. Do any of these people writing poorly thought out, poorly edited articles realize they’re walking cliches? 500 people have died in Syria and 30000 have been displaced since this story broke. But will that get coverage in the media? No, and instead pundits will fulminate about violence in movies and guns and Obama and a bunch of other nonsense. You live in a free country, every now and then somebody goes nuts and shoots up a mall, a church, a movie theater, a congresswoman, a building in OKC, etc etc. They’re random acts of violence. There are crazy people in the world. Stop looking for hamhanded and easy “answers” and “reasons”.

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