Man Armed with Gun and Bomb Holds 2 Hostages in Pennsylvania’s Gateway Center suite

Police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are dealing with a hostage situation involving a man armed with a gun who claims he has a bomb, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

According to emergency dispatchers, he walked into suite 1625 on the 16th floor of 3 Gateway Centre in Downtown and said he had a gun and a bomb.

He took a manager hostage and told everyone else to leave, police said.

The man is allegedly armed with a gun and bomb and it appears he holds 2 hostages in Pennsylvania’s Gateway Center suite.

Pittsburgh police are trying to negotiate with a man armed with a gun and who says he has a bomb on the 16th floor of 3 Gateway Center, Downtown.

Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper said the man is in Suite 1625 of the building at 401 Liberty Ave. The suite is occupied by CW Breitsman Associates, LLC, a third-party firm that helps administer others’ insurance, retirement and pension plans.

“We are negotiating with that individual,” the chief said. “He has a hostage or hostages in an inner office of the 16th-floor suite. We are willing to talk as long as it takes to resolve this in a safe and orderly fashion.”

No shots have been fired and no one has been injured, Chief Harper said.

The city bomb squad and special weapons and tactics officers are at the scene, along with scores of police officers.

Chief Harper said the man walked into the suite at 8:10 a.m. and claimed he had a gun and a bomb. He asked questions about “an individual,” the chief said, then took a hostage or hostages.

At least three other people in the office were ordered to leave, witnesses said.

Kathi Dvorak, who works across the hall from CW Breitsman, said a woman ran into her office yelling “Somebody’s robbing us! Call 911!”

Another woman ran in, who grabbed a phone and also called 911.

They locked the door and stayed for five or 10 minutes until building security arrived to evacuate them.

Police have blocked streets and secured other floors of the building. Police have closed blocks of Penn Avenue, Commonwealth Place and Boulevard of the Allies. The Gateway Center T station is closed as is the Fort Pitt Bridge ramp into Downtown.

Police evacuated the rest of Gateway 3, with people massing outside 4 Gateway Center and being directed toward Point State Park. Officers are also clearing the Gateway Center courtyard.

Telling evacuees the man inside could have a rifle, authorities are asking them to move outside all sight lines to the building.

The building, completed in 1952, is 24 stories — 344 feet — high.

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