Romney is not a very ‘likeable’ person

Aint That a Hoot!

By James Turnage:

I just read a poll by the Bloomberg News. At first I was somewhat dumfounded. But now I may understand it.

The poll was about ‘favorability’. The results showed that Romney’s rating was at 43%, and vice-president Biden’s at 42%. The statistic I couldn’t understand was that George W. Bush had a rating of 46%!

I certainly understand that Romney is not a very ‘likeable’ person. But to be in an inferior position to the worst president in our nation’s history is somewhat shocking. Romney has gone out of his way to distance himself from the former president. As with many other attempts by Romney to ‘downplay’ certain issues and situations, this one is now in the spotlight.

I dissected the poll carefully. Then I saw an angle that made some since.

“W’s” favorability rating is out of pity. It’s what happens when we encounter a somewhat mangy stray dog. He might not be the animal you would first choose to take in as a pet, and he may be a little “slow”, but there is a certain sweetness about him. He needs to be cared for. If he was left alone, he’d just wander around looking for someone to love him and accept him into their life.

Romney is someone who is more like the coyote, you know the one who’s always chasing that roadrunner? There’s just something unsavory about him. You would never want him in your home. And you know he’ll never catch that roadrunner, but he keeps on trying.

Likeability is more important than the political pundits would wish you to believe. People we like are more apt to be trusted and believed. We listen to people we like and are less likely to think that they speak in half-truths and falsehoods.

That might not be the case with “W”, but it does fit the majority of the time.

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  1. Hattie   September 30, 2012 at 1:46 am

    I like Mr. Romney. I never saw a good leader yet that was a continual charm goon. (Unlike someone else one might mention.) He reminds me of Harry Truman. People complain about his plain spoken style, but he tells the truth. Though his background is different, they both are, were, meat and potatoes type guys. And the buck stops there. I like that.


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