CEO David Siegel should thank President Obama

– Kelly J Newson
Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel has a strong dislike for America’s current president, President Obama. David Siegel has even gone as far as to threaten his employees with termination if President Obama is re-elected.  Only in the world’s most free country can someone like Mr Siegel get away with saying this and use free speech as an excuse. Though, let a Democrat use this same rhetoric and the far-right media will come out fighting instead it’s crickets and Mr. Siegel gets away with speech that attempts to suppress votes.

Yet Mr. Siegel and his company have strived under President Obama’s administration and he has admitted it himself.  It seems the republicans and David Siegel feel the only way to win this coming election is through intimidation, lies and voter suppression.  They have nothing positive to run on and why would they, they have collectively and individually said they want to see the president fail more than anything.

Now how can President Obama govern when congress just says no to everything and never compromises then cries socialism or liar when he goes on with his plan for the American people. The republicans should stop coddling the rich, stop taking money from corporations and special interests and instead work for the good of the people who voted them into office. The American people voted for you to care for their interests not sit in office for years, getting rich on their tax dime and special interests who bought you off.

Americans need to take their country back and not by means of the tea party who have conformed to the Republican Party.  Americans need to vote and begin writing their congressional leaders and senators telling them to step up for them or step down from office.

Americans can’t afford for their candidates both parties to put their party’s interest over their own.  Especially when many Americans are out of work, struggling with a low paying job then hearing on the evening news of CEO’s receiving tax cuts, high raises and Republicans defending them.  Then the same republicans turn around and want to fight to take away social security, Medicare, healthcare, cut pell grants and tell students if they can’t afford a higher education they should borrow from their parents or don’t go at all.  Since when did getting a higher education become a privilege for a small few.  Or having healthcare a badge of honor that only a few may enjoy yet politicians receive free healthcare on the tax payer dime. What if Americans don’t want to pay your healthcare Mr. congressman or your salary Ms. senator. If the government can’t afford to give its people the same services as its elected officials then the government isn’t working for who it was designed for and that’s the American people.

Corporations and Wall Street are doing fine it’s the American people that our elected officials should be more concerned for. Remember your there to serve the American people and not the other way around.  So stop coddling the rich and start caring for those who voted for you.  For it isn’t socialism it’s called doing your job. So start protecting the American people, their needs and ensuring everyone has a fair shot at life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

People like David Siegel should stay quiet and be thankful for being born in a country that has allowed them the freedom to have their own company and make huge profits. Maybe people like Mr. Siegel need to lose it all or walk a day in the life of a poor person. Maybe then they will be grateful for their health, homes, millions and for some billions. Maybe just then they’ll appreciate that what they have is more than any person can ask for. Even though yes a tax cut will be nice but not necessary.

Still Republicans continue to side with millionaires and billionaires in giving them handouts instead of helping those who need it most.  As those who just want to provide for their family fall deeper into poverty with no hope cause the government they elected just doesn’t get it or care.

Kelly J Newson

2 Responses to "CEO David Siegel should thank President Obama"

  1. Kelz   October 14, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Because with this email either his employees will not vote at all or vote for a candidate because their employer says so now where is the freedom in that? How isn’t that voter suppression? And those of us who support President Obama, we’re NOT mindless we just don’t believe the lies of Romney and Ryan and their party!

  2. Sakiko Contreras   October 14, 2012 at 5:52 am

    In this letter that the boss sent out, where is this voter suppression and lies that you speak of?

    It is YOU doing the intimidation and fear-mongering. You Obama groupies are mindless.


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