Vice-presidential debate, or the Steelers at the Titans

Maybe 2013 Will be Better

By James Turnage:

I know it was a difficult choice Thursday night. What to watch? The vice-presidential debate, or the Steelers at the Titans. I chose football, and I made a mistake.

From what I read this morning, the debate had more competition.

I know Mike Tomlin is a nice guy and is dedicated to the game, but nice guys finish last. Let’s begin with his coaching staff. LeBeau has got to go. I watched every game the Steelers have played in 2012, and the defense doesn’t defend. I know their two best players, Polamalu and Woodley are injured, but that’s no excuse to lose to the two worst teams in football, the Oakland Raiders, and the Tennessee Titans. They can’t pressure the quarterback and they can’t pass defend. Ike Taylor, who is supposed to be their best against the pass couldn’t defend a high school receiver. I haven’t heard Casey Hampton’s name called once this season. And the once greatest linebacking corps in football is not on the field. Retire Dick, it’s time.

Please, please Mr. Tomlin, call out your players for their lack of effort. When they’re brain dead, let them know you noticed.

Okay, your season is over. Let’s start rebuilding. Next year is only eleven months away. A new attitude and a return to the physicality that made the Steelers who they were has to make a comeback. No more Mr. Rogers. I want to see Chuck Noll back, screaming and yelling, and telling the team how bad they are when it’s obvious to everyone else but them. Tell me what you think, Terry Bradshaw.

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