Romney wants to be president and doesn’t care what he has to say or do to get there

Debates, Shmbates

By James Turnage:

I decided to watch football Thursday night instead of the debate. From what I read this morning, the Pittsburgh Steelers needed Joe Biden last night. He was obviously the meanest and toughest man on the tube.

I wish Mr. Obama would have been half as much of a “bad a**” as Biden was. You have to call out a liar when he is in the middle of that lie.

But I don’t really care about debates. Candidates should run on their records and their platform. If their records show they can perform the job they are applying for better than the other guy, they should get the job. If their platform has more substance than hot air, they should get re-hired.

Mitt Romney’s record is in business, the business of being wealthy. The companies he has run or helped to run have mostly been very successful, for him. Workers employed by those companies have often lost their jobs, had their pay reduced, or lost benefits. He has zero experience in foreign relations, but claims he knows more about it than you or I. He continues to criticize without understanding the facts. He wants to be the president of our country, and doesn’t care what he has to say or do to get there.

Mr. Obama took office after eight years of the most destructive administration in our Nation’s history. In 2009, we were nearing a situation that not one politician on either side wanted to admit, a depression. In 1929, when the banks failed, they named it. In 2009 when the banks failed they gave it a gentler name, a recession.

In the almost four years Mr. Obama has been in office he has reversed the economic downturn we faced when he was elected. The stock market is up. Unemployment is down. Housing sales are on the rise. It’s not perfect, I know. A very dear friend of mine said something to me about forty years ago. She said “when things go bad, they continue to go that way until you hit the ‘pits’. When you can’t sink any farther, you begin to climb out of the ‘pits’ and slowly, very slowly, things get better”. Since 2008, I have thought of that many times. She was right.

Though you may be tired of hearing and reading it, a simple democratic slogan rings true, “General Motors is alive, and Osama Bin Laden is dead”.

One Response to "Romney wants to be president and doesn’t care what he has to say or do to get there"

  1. Ehud Avni   June 1, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    Wow, Obama propagandist? Obama’s last 5 years have been worse than GWB, running up that debt like no one previously, & he has all the scandals he’s been caught in the middle of, plus he couldn’t tell the truth to save his life. He’s committed treasonous acts, & impeachable acts, not once, but numerous times. This country doesn’t need 3 more years of non-leadership. Jimmy Carter is the only one happy about this. He’s now the next to worst president ever. What about that non-existent birth certificate. Why can’t he produce a physical copy to show everyone? It’s already been proven that the slide show version was a photoshop creation, & there’s that little issue of the Kenyan birth certificate in the British National Archives. When all is said & done, he’s been a disaster.


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