Romney Clear Winner in Debate

by Randy Rose

Both Republicans and Independents say Romney won and many Democrats agree but a small number said it was a tie. The biggest loser last night was Jim Lehrer. He lost control on the first question as both long winded candidates went overtime. Romney seemed more prepared than Obama and many said that the President seemed tired. Some of the responses from Romney hit hard. The deficit was brought up and Romney pounced. He said Obama promised to lower the deficit but instead added a trillion dollars each year. Fact checkers put that number at 1.25 trillion dollars. Romney then said” my friends tell me you like to pick the winners and the losers but so far you have been picking the losers.” He went on to examples of Solendra,etc.

Obama told us that Romney is going to cut taxes for the rich and dump it on the middle class. Romney countered saying he will not reduce taxes on the rich. Romney said his plan is to eliminate tax loopholes and lower rates for the middle class. My note here is that they never really talk about the poor. just the rich and middle class. When Heath Care came up Obama was proud that people call it Obamacare. Then Romney went on to say he had problems with it and that he would repeal it and replace it. The President was so flustered, Jim Lehrer began to coach him along and tell the President what he should say. The crowd was very well behaved but you could feel the tension right through the tv set at times when they wanted to cheer. President Obama said we should end tax cuts to Exxon/Mobil because they make lots of money every time you fill up your car. Romney said that under his plan that would be an option. then Romney pointed out that the dollar amount is 1.28 million dollars. He went on to point out that Obama spent 90 million on green energy and hinted at how that should have never been spent. The President tried to stay above board but Romney kept him off balance all night. If you missed the debate you can go to where you can watch it with no commentary.

2 Responses to "Romney Clear Winner in Debate"

  1. Mary   October 4, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    I agree with Terry. I too watched the debate and everything in this article is true. The other one about Romney lying is on three different catagories including Elections and the U.S. what a transparent leftist rag this paper has turned into.

    • GM   October 7, 2012 at 2:18 pm

      Do you always insult people when they profess differing ideas and ideologies than your own? This is hate speech. You can disagree with out being rude you know.


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