Romney’s a Cheater

Romney’s a Cheater

By James Turnage:

Right wing pundits are claiming Romney won last night’s debate. If you believe lies, (the after debate fact checkers found lie after lie), and congratulate him for breaking the debate rulers and filibustering, you’re right.

The only way Romney can win this election is by telling lies and hoping FOX noise will back him up.

The President stated his case honestly, and did not talk over Romney. The only thing I wish he would have done was to look Romney in the eyes and say very bluntly, “you are a liar”.

A twenty percent tax cut as proposed by Romney is 5 trillion dollars. Like the President said, “do the math”. Both Romney and Ryan believe in the de-regulation of Wall Street, another lie. Romney, in his own words, doesn’t care about the middle class, and yet, last night, he looked directly into the camera and said he does. Romney claims President Obama wants to cut 716 billion dollars from Medicare, another lie.

I am ashamed that a man who wants to be our leader is such a dishonest and ambitious person. He obviously doesn’t believe in his religion either, or he wouldn’t sin by deceiving the American public.

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  1. Jonathan Saunders   October 4, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    Actually, Terry, it has been widely reported now throughout most non-biased media that Mr. Romney either grossly exaggerated certain facts, or, made up certain ones entirely, during this first Presidential Debate.

    There were independent, non-biased fact-checkers hired to investigate the allegations who did, indeed, find a number of serious problems in his performance.

    Of course, this is in addition to the “lying problems” already well-documented that his running-mate, Mr. Ryan, has already had to deal with himself (re. his RNC speech “Lyin’ Ryan”).

    So, I can only guess that you are profoundly misinformed, or, the only reading material you elect to follow is a…”leftist rag”?

    How awkward for you.

    Warm Regards.


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