San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers is the most overrated quarterback in the league

MNF 10/15/2012

By James Turnage:

It’s halftime on Monday Night Football. I often turn on another show because I think John Gruden and Mike Tirico are the worst announcers in the history of MNF and maybe in the history of the game. I stayed tuned tonight for two reasons. One was that the winner of the game being played in San Diego might be the leader in the weakest division in football, the AFC West. The second reason is that Peyton Manning is now the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. And a third personal reason is I think San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers is the most over-rated quarterback in the league.

Two muffed kickoffs put Denver in the hole, and then Manning helped their cause by throwing an interception. At halftime, the score was 24 to 0, and it could have been worse.

Manning is showing that the team in Indianapolis that was built for him is not present in Denver. The Broncos are horrible. They would be good if they had an offense, defense, or special teams, but they don’t.

I’m not looking forward to the second half. I may have to turn on re-runs of the “Big Bang Theory” or something else. I’ll give it three minutes. I’m sorry to say it, but I think Manning’s career is just about over. But, I could be wrong, just ask my wife.

The first drive of the second half demonstrated why Manning is a hall of famer. They marched down the field with great pass plays, and scored a touchdown. Score 24-7.

The second drive of the second half saw an erratic Charger’s offense move the ball. Elvis Dumervil of the Broncos forced a fumble by Rivers, resulting in a touchdown for Denver. Score 24-14.

I reported in the second week that this might be the most interesting season in the NFL in modern times. There is no true dominance by any team. In fact, the AFC, usually the best in the league, has difficulty winning week to week.

The next series, Rivers gets sacked on 3rd down at his own 16 yard line.

On the next drive, Manning is brilliant. He takes his team down to score a touchdown. Score 24-21, early in the fourth quarter.

Next drive, Rivers is intercepted with just over eleven minutes left in the game. Manning marches his team downfield, culminating in a great pass and catch by Brandon Stokely in the end zone. Score, 28-24, Broncos. I just might be wrong about Manning!

With six minutes and forty eight seconds left, Rivers is intercepted again. At the 4:45 mark, a horrible call by the refs on Ryan Decker for offensive pass interference gave the Chargers a chance to come back in the game. The replacement refs are smiling, they were not perfect either.

With two minutes and ten seconds, Rivers is intercepted once again for a ‘pick-six’. Game over. Manning has had his greatest comeback of all time. For once, I’m glad I didn’t turn off Gruden.

I don’t know if Manning can take the Broncos to a division championship or not. But with the fact that the Chargers continue to fail all expectations, they definitely have a chance. Rivers last significant win was when he was chosen over Drew Brees as the starting quarterback in San Diego. Was it a good choice???

2 Responses to "San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers is the most overrated quarterback in the league"

  1. paul sutton   October 16, 2012 at 8:32 am

    You are a giant bag of crap. The broncos are a good team who likes to spot their opponent before showing up. They will win their division and go deep into the playoffs. You are right about rivers, he’s about as worthless as you and your wife are intelligent.

  2. Jose Martinez   October 16, 2012 at 8:19 am

    The end of another bleak chapter of the storied Chargers is nigh. It seems as a denoument. But I don’t remember the climax. So unsatisfying.


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