Washington based tax analyses organization says Romney’s plan cuts taxes for wealthy, raises on the rest

Is Romney Lying to Us?

By James Turnage

In August the “Tax Policy Center”, a Washington based non-profit organization that supplies detailed tax analyses, began a study and then issued a report that says Romney’s tax plan would cut taxes for the wealthy, and raise them on the rest. They said there was no way Romney could keep all his promises, the end result would be as Mr. Obama claimed in the debates. The math just doesn’t add up.

Romney’s response was that the center had performed a “garbage in, garbage out analysis”. His campaign strategists claim the study was partisan.

The Tax Policy Center’s response ranged from irritation to outrage. The Center is composed of experts in their economic field, as well as former presidential administration financial advisors, both democrat and republican. They allow no outside input into their studies.

Martin A. Sullivan, the chief economist and contributing editor at Tax Analysts, a specialty publisher said, “What they’re doing is just making the best computations available” for others to interpret.

Researchers including Martin Feldstein of Harvard and Harvey S. Rosen of Princeton have argued that Mr. Romney’s tax math might work if he raised taxes on families making more than $100,000 a year — not $200,000 to $250,000 a year, as he currently promises.

“Reasonable economists disagree on” the growth effects of plans like Mr. Romney’s, said Alan J. Auerbach, a tax expert at the University of California, Berkeley, who added that he did not see the math working out as currently described. “It matters a lot what kind of reductions you’re making or how you’re paying for tax cuts.”

Bottom line, Romney cannot do what he says, including creating 12 million jobs. Where would they come from?

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  1. 333maxwell   October 26, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    The Governor said in his ‘big speech’ today ‘I know what it takes to lead, I am a leader.

    How silly..

    The Governor has NOTHING to say to concerned women.The Governor has shown us time and time again what kind of leader he would be when the going get’s tough.EVERY TIME there seems to be an issue that is ‘hard’, he avoids it like the plague.His mode of operation seems to be that if he just avoids anything ‘tough’ people just give up and move on to something else.That is not leadership, that is extremely weak and spineless.

    Mr Mourdock is a man Governor Romney ENDORSED this week for high office and will certainly oversee women’s health legislation at some point and NOW Governor Romney has ‘no comment’.

    ‘Gods Will’ has NO place in the same sentiment as ‘rape’. Not even in some abstract Lenny Bruce joke.

    My boy just returned in August from whatever it is they are still doing in Iraq, and we SEND kids overseas to combat extremism brought around by the ‘Gods will’ mentality. It has ZERO place here at home in the US Government.Governor Romney is a disaster, you can not like the President, but at least he takes stands and you know where he stands on stuff like this.

    The Governor is acting like a pathetically weak and spineless chicken. Expect for Governor Romney to continue him to exhibit ZERO leadership when it is needed.


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